Hypocrites! Govt Shuts Down Canadian Church Days After Being Caught Breaking Their Own Rules

Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta has been physically shut down by Alberta Health Services, locking the door to the church mere weeks after arresting and then releasing their incarcerated pastor, Tim Stephens.

This act of tyranny and religious persecution is particularly galling, in that it was only days ago that senior members of Alberta’s reigning political party were caught flouting the same rules they put in place, demonstrating the complete lack of consistency and hypocrisy that has ‘rules for thee but not for we.”

The picture he’s referring to is the one below, where multiple government leaders from more than one household were dining in close proximity, an act currently prohibited in Alberta and punishable by steep fines.

Premier Jason Kenney, Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon, Finance Minister Travis Toews, Health Minister Tyler Shandro and a staff member were photographed dining outdoors on the evening of June 1.

In a statement released to the public, AHS said they have received more than 57 complaints and therefore “physically closed Fairview Baptist Church and has prevented access to the building.”

They say that “this action was necessary as the Lead Pastor of the church has continued to disregard public health measures required by law under Order of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) for the protection of the public” and that “This Closure Order will remain in place until the Pastor can demonstrate the ability to comply with these restrictions.”

There is no word yet on how the church leaders and elders will proceed. IN a Facebook post, Pastor Stephens reminded his followers “They can take the building but they cannot take the church.”

In the past Fairview Baptist Church has had underground services away from the public view, similar to what James Coates and GraceLife Church are doing now, or they may do an online service as a temporary stop-gap measure while they regroup and plan their next course of action.

Please keep this church and this pastor in your prayers.

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5 thoughts on “Hypocrites! Govt Shuts Down Canadian Church Days After Being Caught Breaking Their Own Rules

  1. Well, what do you think happens when you allow Muslims to take over your Government? Good move Canada. That’s why we closed the border. We did that way before Covid.

  2. Well if the mayor of Calgary is a Muslim then that is you basic problem. People, wake up, Muslims want to sharia law once you dig away their facade of democracy. They hate anything Christian. And will lie to your face because in Islam, the ends justify the means.

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