Russell Moore, Son of the Devil

Russell Moore is nothing if not predictable. Moore has never been one to pass up an opportunity to slander and deride the bride of Christ. We can further add his record of standing silently while the world attacks the church. But the trifecta comes with his efforts to elevate himself at the expense of actual Christians, solidifying his position as a false prophet – little more than a court jester for secular elites by claiming to speak for God when he clearly does not know Him.

A recent interview with the Christian Post cited an earlier Time magazine article where Moore claimed, “I don’t know a single family that’s not been divided over President Trump, and politics generally. I don’t know a single church that hasn’t been”. This son of the Devil followed this by claiming that “the church” needs to “recover the credibility of our witness“. One cannot help but speculate that this is due to their unwilling to support the baby-murderer currently residing in the White House.

Why? Because Russell Moore and his ilk are pariahs to faithful Christian families and churches. Simply put, Moore only hangs out with unfaithful, morally (or spiritually) bankrupt people like Al Mohler, Matthew Hall, or the “take the money and run” shakedown-clown Dwight McKissic. These chuckleheads are divided over Trump, Critical Race Theory, and the coronavirus-based persecution of the church because (like other unregenerate souls) of their inability to correctly divide and apply the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15) as it speaks into the issues of the day.

Faithful Christians – under the ministry of the Holy Spirit – rightly understand that there is no comparison between the Trump and Biden platforms. One employs a crass, sinful man who happens to have actively and provably supported free speech and religious liberty, protected unborn life and the biblical understanding of biological gender, and advanced policies that left more money in the pockets of Americans to be used as our consciences and beliefs dictate. The other candidate – now “president” – leads a political party that loves what God hates and hates what God loves. And they have a good and faithful servant in lifelong Democrat and fake Christian Russell Moore.

Continuing to (inexplicably) lead the mislabeled Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, this poster child for 2 Timothy 3:5 has done nothing but advocate for abject wickedness concerning the religious liberty issue of our day, claiming repeatedly that the Church of Jesus must prostrate itself before God-hating worldly rulers and lock the faithful out of church. He has continually slandered faithful Christians who happen to understand that a vote for Donald Trump – while not ideal – was the only moral option for believers in the 2020 election.

97% of Spiritually Active Governance-Engaged Conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump, which means over 22 million Americans are more qualified to lead the ERLC than Russell Moore!

In continuing to employ this servant of the devil, the SBC continues its woeful theological ineptitude, moral cowardice, and spiritual blindness as it continues to slide deeper into spiritual destruction, rank heresy and (ironically considering its apparent goals) cultural irrelevance. If you are a member of an SBC church, you must understand that your cooperative dollars are (sadly) being used to platform Moore and false teachers like him.


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5 thoughts on “Russell Moore, Son of the Devil

  1. If he thinks he’s making a logical argument, he isn’t.

    Dividing things is fundamental to life on Earth. Dividing Oxygen from the air we breath to continue life. Dividing nutrients from toxins in our food to fuel our bodies. Dividing North-bound traffic from South-bound traffic to preserve life.

    And the biggest divider of all…Christ! He will divide the wheat from the chaff.

  2. “I don’t know a single family that’s not been divided over President Trump, and politics generally.”

    That’s interesting. “For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law”….
    I’m not comparing Trump to Christ as individuals, but comparing the positions of Christians versus nonChristians. Jesus doesn’t require us to have unity with nonChristians. Jesus himself said he came to set the two of them apart, even members of families. I realize Jesus wasn’t talking about 21st century political races, but it’s still like a prophecy with a double fulfillment. It meant one thing in the first century, and then comes back around to fit a different situation 2000 years later. He came to set his followers apart from the world, whenever they live.

  3. Maybe Moore should’ve played the part of John Milton in the 1997 movie “The Devil’s Advocate,” although Al Pacino certainly did a masterful job in that role. It so defined what we’re up against in this world by the “prince of the power of the air.” Then again, it might’ve been painful to hear Moore mouth the words to the old Frank Sinatra song, “It Happened in Monterrey.”

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