Jackie Hill Perry and Husband say all Whites are Racists, Police Should be Defunded, and Many Other Woke Things

Jackie Hill Perry took some time out of her day to talk with her husband about issues of race and the inherent prejudices of the white race on the June 8th episode of “With the Perrys.”

As one might expect from a woke lesbian (See here for why we use this to describe her) endorsed by the theological malcontents at the Gospel Coalition, it was bad. It was progressive and dripped of CRT. It was so woke her eyelids might as well have been held open by fishing hooks barbed into her eyebrows for how little sleep she’s able to get due to her stunning awakedness.

They spoke favorably of the rubric of Robin DiAgelos’ monstrous White Fragility, endorsed defunding the police, claimed that all white people are racists, butchered scripture, said that white people need to lay down their privilege like Jesus laid down his own, and many other spectacularly wicked things. This is a wild ride. The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

I was talking to you about racism, and how in Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility, how she talks about..what she calls the “good/bad binary” which is that after or during the Civil Rights Movement, where we were able to see, you know, the marches and the police dogs and the batons, and them getting sprayed with fire hoses, and how for much of white America, they were able to really see racism and how bad and terrible and how negative it was.

And so racism got labeled ‘bad’. Bad people are racist. Bad people do this. But what that’s done for many white Christians is that now they’ve put racism in a category where they themselves don’t have what they – if they don’t participate in these things that they categorize as racist, then they exclude themselves from the label.

What I mean by that is, if racism is lynching, if racism is calling somebody the N-word, if racism is being deliberately discriminatory, then they’re not racist.

And what that does is you don’t see that racism is a spectrum, where you don’t have to be doing these egregious intentional discriminatory acts to still…to be racist. And so that eliminates you from seeing yourself as you are, which is no, you most likely still have a lot of implicit bias because of the media, because of the narratives, and because of growing up in a society where whiteness is king, right? And so I think people have to recognize that, like, racism is flexible. And it has adjusted throughout the decades.

And it’s a lot more subtle nowadays. But I think people have to do the work of being honest with themselves about what they think about black people, where they got that information from, and what they need to do to deconstruct it within themselves.

So I think a part of the work…because there’s so many things we could do. I’ve been reading about defunding the police, and all these types of structural, strategic things, which are all good and all necessary. But I think, if you did something bogus to me, and you just came back and was like, “what do you want me to do? I washed the dishes.”

And it’s like, washing the dishes is cool, but I want your heart to change. Because if your heart doesn’t change, then you’ll still continue, at some point to walk into behaviors that have hurt me in the first place. And so I feel like until all white people, and I say all white people, look within themselves and say, God, where’s the deceitfulness of my heart? Where have I bought into the narrative that all black people are criminals? Where am I treating my neighbor not as better than myself? Where am I assuming that I am superior and they are inferior because of the color of my skin? I am sorry, I have grieved you because they’re made in your image.

Preston Perry, her husband jumps in:

That’s good. And also too, we have to understand that white guilt is not repentance. (Jackie: ‘Yeah, that’s true.’) Like white guilt, feeling sorry…white guilt will make you do exactly what you have to do to get right to get rid of your guilt.

So it will say, ‘let me do what I can so I won’t feel guilty. So my conscience is clear.’ But yet that still doesn’t cause you to walk in love with your black brothers and sisters. What love does, what love says, ‘I will step out of my comfort zone, I will step out of my own privilege.’ Right? That’s what humility does. Jesus stepped out of his own privilege. He did not count his rights regarding a thing to be grasped, but was able to let them go, but what was able to let them go to serve people.

And so that’s what true Christ-like love and humility does. It says, ‘I will let go of my own privilege. I won’t hold my white privilege a thing to be grasped. I’m willing to let them go. (Jackie speaks in tongues here over that comment.) for my black brothers and sisters in Christ.’

If you cannot do that, then you’re did not walking in love. Period.

17 thoughts on “Jackie Hill Perry and Husband say all Whites are Racists, Police Should be Defunded, and Many Other Woke Things

  1. I knew something was wrong with her when she asked for donation for her lavish wedding to her husband. It felt very wrong. You want an expensive wedding? Then you pay for it. Sadly, sheep lined up to shell out money.

    That was before she went nuts with her hate and racism.

  2. For the record, Jackie and her husband are not black but more of a light brown and dark brown. I am not white but more of a off white or tan depending on the time of year.

  3. Saying all white people are racist is the same as saying all black people are lazy. Neither statement is true and both are racist statements.

    1. Hey Bro. I did not know this until now. The only time I had seen her was in the American Gospel video and assumed she was solid so now I know. Thing I can do is now warn folks who may be referencing her in a Gospel context.

  4. I’m amazed at how racist these woke people are, all the while calling others racist. The worst is that these people are trading on the name of Christ and spewing their hate.

  5. I find it interesting that none of the replies here actually address anything that either Jackie or her husband Preston have said, either in this article or in the video. It makes me wonder if this article was purely for the sake of click-bait.

    Firstly, the title is entirely misleading. (1) There is only one reference to the defunding of police (and that was a remark made in passing with no context). (2) Neither said that “all Whites are racist.” (3) What are these other woke things? White fragility? Deconstructing racism? What? Forgoing privileges for our brothers and sisters in Christ?

    From what I can see, the Perrys are using the book White Fragility to give some historical context on the development of racism in America (as it pertains specifically to black/white relations), and how the civil rights movement has shaped how both sides experience and understand the conversation surrounding racism. Her examples are just that, examples. Her asserting that “racism to be flexible” is not wrong, as we can see how easy it is for sin to hide. How often do we justify our behaviors and thoughts even though we knew it was wrong? There are things that all of us need to examine in our own hearts, as we all have tendencies toward thinking ourselves better than another. Isn’t this the nature of pride? When we think we are better than another and we ground superiority in ethnicity or race, isn’t that just sin manifesting itself as racism? It would be foolish for any of us, especially those of the Christian faith, to think that we are exempt from the entanglements of pride, i.e. thinking that we are better than another person. Therefore, would it true that White people, even White Christians, may have racist tendencies due to their upbringing? Sure. But doesn’t that apply to everyone as well? Sure. But that’s not the point being made here, as this conversation is surrounding racism specifically in the context of black/white relations. Moreover, they go into how white people (presumably White Christians too) can respond after having been made aware of this reality in their own hearts. Can this conversation apply to other racial and ethnic groups? Again, sure, but not the point of THIS conversation.

    Secondly, Preston mentions towards the end of the video, “And so that’s what true Christ-like love and humility does. It says, ‘I will let go of my own privilege. I won’t hold my white privilege a thing to be grasped. I’m willing to let them go…for my black brothers and sisters in Christ.’ Amen to that. Would anyone say anything against this sentiment? That would be ludicrous. If you are a Christian, why would you disagree with this sentiment? That is something that we all have to do! What is wrong with laying down our lives for those of the faith? Is this not what Jesus did for us? And yet, it seems we are getting so caught up in the controversial stuff that we lose sight of the point of what they are trying to say. Being provoked by something like this only goes to prove the point that is being made, that we are unwilling to let go of our privilege for our brothers and sisters, even those of the faith.

    Lastly, it seems clear enough to me that the article was meant to provoke, and provoke it did. Whether Christian or not, it doesn’t seem immediately clear to me that anyone here on this board has any compassion for Jackie or her husband. Even if you don’t agree with her position (it doesn’t matter to me if you do or don’t), I would imagine that faith in Christ compels us to pray for her and her husband, not to post on a random site (where Jackie and Preston will probably never see) just to vent your frustrations. I encourage you to not be careless about your words or your heart (Matthew 12:33-37; Proverbs 4:23).
    If you are a believer, I would encourage you to examine your heart (Psalm 139:23-24). If you aren’t a Christian, then I hope you will be one day!
    Blessings to you all.

    1. Amen! People are quick to judge and this title is completely misleading. Horrible article! I am shocked to see this is apparently a ‘Christian’ website. Spilling hate and condemning people? No wonder most people hate Christians if this is the kind of ‘love’ that you spread. What happened to edifying and praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ?

    2. Amen and yessir!! Thank you for explaining that! This woman and her husband are allowed to have views, and I also caught the same things you did. Please, anyone who reads this article, check your facts before you hate, remember we are all imperfect and please read Matthew 7:1-6.

  6. This website is garage and if you claim to love the gospel, God and neighbor then read this website with extreme caution or just don’t at all, which is what I’ll be doing from now on…

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