Tyler Perry Gives Disgraced Pastor, Carl Lentz, 100k to Pay His Rent

As faithful pastors all over the world go hungry, Hollywood producer, Tyler Perry, gives 100k to Carl Lentz to help pay his rent after he was fired for extramarital promiscuity.

There are tons of needy pastors in the United States, not to mention the world. The vast majority of these men have never been unfaithful to their wife, let alone lived a secret double life of a serial philanderer. But Carl Lentz is not in that number.

Lentz was outed as an adulterer several weeks ago. Afterward, Hillsong executive, Brian Houston, admitted that Lentz had been corrupt for quite some time and had been engaged in multitudinous affairs which he covered up by making his underlings afraid of his power.

Protestia’s progenitor site, Pulpit & Pen, has been warning for years that Carl Lentz was a moral and doctrinal scalawag. Whatever the insanely liberal and ungodly thing can be imagined, Lentz has done it. He supported abortion on Oprah’s program. He took shots with Justin Bieber (fine example there, Carl). He walks around public half-naked and peacocks himself worse than Clayton Jennings. He hired gay choir directors at Hillsong New York and gave their sodomy a giant thumbs-up. He’s sheerly awful.

And yet, Hollywood mogul, Tyler Perry, just dropped Lentz a whopping six figures to help pay his rent in his new Los Angeles mansion.

Dang. Adultery is some good business.

Philanthropy (can you call it that?) is nothing new for the Madea star and director. He also gave aggressive anti-Trinitarian prosperity pimp, TD Jakes, one million dollars several years ago.

According to reports, Lentz was given the cash by Perry to pay for his new house on account of now being jobless, cheating away his successful and lucrative career as a Jesus-y motivational life coach.

Reports indicate, “Perry, 51, covered six months of rent upfront on the 5,000-square-foot, five-bedroom Manhattan Beach home — valued at $4 million — where Lentz, 41, and his family moved after unloading their New Jersey home days before he was sacked from the megachurch for infidelity”.

The Los Angeles home rents for 16 thousand dollars per month.

According to press outlets, Lentz has been “leaning” on Perry since his adultery was uncovered.

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