Gospel Coalition Uses Preferred Pronouns for Ellen Page

The Gospel Coalition is absolutely insufferable. Following the path of Rosaria Butterfield, one of their gaggle of stray Lesbians in the gay-eunuch class of neo-evangelicalism, they’re using preferred pronouns to refer to women who want to be men.

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) provides zero exposure for former gays and lesbians who have been freed from their previous passions by the Holy Spirit, but regularly feature hominterns who preach that God might change your desires but not your nature. Victorious former-homosexuals will simply not make it onto the pages of TGC, largely because it would make sodomites like Sam Allberry seem less Christian. Instead, TGC chooses only to platform homosexuals like Allberry, Butterfield, Gilson, Perry, McLaughlin and a host of others who insist that those whom God frees, he frees kinda-sorta in a minimalist sort of way.

Today, TGC featured a driveling pity-party post from a lisping daisy and fabulous flamer, Beckett Cook. Cook doesn’t embrace the term “gay Christian” but he happily testifies that he still wants to engage in homosexuality. They first featured a story about Cook in 2019 (for bonus eye-roll points, he met the Gospel Coalition author at a coffee shop called “Intelligentsia”).

In the article, Cook laments that he doesn’t get more flattery and attention from Hollywood.

No, really. That’s the point of the article. And the Friendly Atheist is right for making fun of it.

Throughout the article, Cook compares himself to Hollywood starlet, Ellen Page, who first ‘came out’ as a homosexual in 2014. He laments that Hollywood supports Ellen, who ‘came out’ with gender dysphoria earlier this week, but not him. The general gist is that Hollywood is bigoted against fags who no longer engage in faggotry.

There are a couple of important sociological considerations regarding Page, however. Most notably, it’s beginning to no longer be cool to just be a lesbian. If a gay woman doesn’t eventually come out as a man, she’s just being a basic b-word (or so the argument goes). The Federalist had an excellent piece on the recent blah-ness of lesbianism earlier today.

But a curious accoutrement to the article by the Gospel Coalition’s most recent gay mascott, is his use of Ellen Page’s preferred male name.

Ellen Page, who is a dainty little girl with quite the opposite of masculine features (short hair and chest-binding, a man does not make) prefers to go by the name, Elliot (see below).

And the homintern continues to use the wrong pronouns for Ellen…

And he continues to use the wrong name and pronoun up until the end of the article.

If you’re left with the feeling that the Gospel Coalition is anything but gross, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. It’s a vile mass of gay-saturated, cultural-compromised, social justice gross-ism. The Gospel Coalition is the very picture of the insult projected in Ezekiel 23:20.

Ellen is a woman. Elliot does not exist. Not only is Elliot’s existence scientifically untrue, it is much more importantly, Biblically untrue. And to use the wrong pronouns is to lie about God’s own creation who was the one who made them both male and female (Genesis 5:2).

And before you rant about the liberals having taken over TGC, just remember that “those liberals” happen to be Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, JD Greear, Tim Keller, and DA Carson (who all serve on its board).

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  1. Dr. Peter Masters is the sitting Pastor (for 50 years) of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, Charles Spurgeon’s pastorate at one time. I remember several years ago, Dr. Masters was asked what he thought of TGC. He said “It is nothing more than a back door to the Emergent Church.” That sounds about right.

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