Ligon Duncan: “My Very Best Black Friends Have Trouble Trusting Me, For Really Good Reasons”

Dr. J. Ligon Dunan III, the Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary who has been drifting in a big way for years from taking a pot shot at John MacArthur for telling Beth Moore to go home last year, to partnering with gay priests at conference events, to having a CRT syllabus at his University is at is again, this time demonstrating how compromised he is when it comes to Critical Race Theory and how deeply he’s drunk the bitter lies of the wokefolk.

In this case, during an appearance on The Gospel Coalition’s “As In Heaven” podcast, Duncan says that his black Christian friends are, according to @wokepreachertv who found the audio “exercising reasonable discernment, not prejudice if they project the horrors of Jim Crow mistreatment onto him personally because of his skin color.”

Really. If you thought he wasn’t that far gone, you were wrong.

After hosts Jim Davis asks Ligon Duncan what drove him to be part of removing the confederate flag in the state of Mississippi, he responds:

“A lot of it is realizing the huge loss of gospel opportunity that has been this long sad story of Jim Crow and lynching and anti-civil rights and all the other stuff

Can you imagine the gospel impact if Bible-believing Protestants (Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians) had said of their Bible-believing Christian brothers and sisters in Baptist churches and elsewhere: ‘you’re not gonna kill our brothers and sisters in Christ. You’re not gonna defraud our brothers and sisters in Christ. You’re not going to wrongfully imprison our brothers and sisters in Christ. You’re not going to mistreat our brothers and sisters.’

Can you imagine the gospel impact of that? And it’s gonna take us 100 years to overcome the trust issues that have come out of that. I tell people: my very best black friends have trouble trusting me, for really good reasons. Because people like me have been doing awful things to them and to their families for four centuries.

You know? It’s gonna take a while before the trust issues that exist between otherwise good friends in Christ are gonna be addressed. We’ve got generational issues here.”

So for me being able to work on the flag is just one small symbolic thing, one little thing that we can do. And by the way it was a wonderful unifying thing…and it was one way that as a Christian I could help say “we want everyone in this state to know that you’re our neighbors and we want to love our neighbors.”

10 thoughts on “Ligon Duncan: “My Very Best Black Friends Have Trouble Trusting Me, For Really Good Reasons”

  1. It might be that that his heart is condemning him and also his friends. Who knows what they have been up to all these years. They might very well have been racists, etc. It might be that Duncan and friends are terrible sinners and someone is blackmailing them. Perhaps part of the deal is that they have to acuse the whole body of Christ of participating in dark deeds, so that they themselves won’t be outed.

  2. “My very best black friends…”

    That any man can utter such virtue signaling and self-flagellation is embarrassing enough, but seeing a supposed Christian man do it bespeaks a spiritual blindness. Speaking of which, Dave Miller is playing that very same game even today.

  3. Allowing this guy into our pulpit twice at my former church caused me to leave it since I realized that if the leadership couldn’t see Duncan for what he was, at the very least completely compromised and complicit in the schemes of the social justice crowd to dilute the gospel, then I didn’t need to be under their leadership anymore.

    Duncan gives the impression that he is in a constant state of penance paying for past sins from his upbringing in South Carolina which must have included some racist act and or speech. I just wish he would stop projecting, seek repentance and give up his leadership role in RTS.

  4. If he’s so troubled by the Jim Crow laws, then why doesn’t he mention that the Democrat party was responsible for them as well as a close association with the KKK and for politicians who were blatantly racist over the last few decades that were all Democrats, except for one who became a Republican, after the dissolution of the Dixiecrat party? Instead, by being “woke,” he helps promote the wicked agenda of today’s Democrat party and may even be a registered one like Tim Keller and Mark Dever are.

    Go down the list of Democrats, starting with a former good friend of Joe Biden ‘s, Robert Byrd, former governor of West Virginia and a high-ranking official in that state’s KKK; George Wallace, former governor of Alabama; Bull Connor, a public official in Birmingham, Alabama; Al Gore, Senior; Orval Faubus, former governor of Arkansas; former President, LBJ; the current governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam; and of course, our what looks like our next “president,” who can’t keep from making derogatory statements to black audiences, Joe Biden himself, who acts like he’s the head of an organized crime syndicate. Wonder why?

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