John Piper Says “Critical Theory” Is Just an Insult

John Piper claimed in an article today that “Critical Theory” is just used as an insult and as a pejorative and has no real, substantive meaning. Below, JD Hall explains that Piper’s claims are common among evangelicalism’s leftwing who seek to deconstruct arguments and play loose and fast with terms.

As we are commanded to “mark and avoid” false teachers, it’s pivotal to use accurate definitions and words as they are intended. Calling someone a Critical Theorist is not an insult; it is a description.

4 thoughts on “John Piper Says “Critical Theory” Is Just an Insult

  1. “ When a Christian brother is honestly analyzing and exposing false beliefs or unbiblical ways of thinking (like critical race theory), we should not silence or denounce the brother by pointing to blood in the streets”

    He literally called it an unbiblical way of thinking in the article. Lol

  2. Wow. Talk about taking words out of context. He never said it’s “just” and insult and nothing else. How do you sleep at night?

    1. As a true shepherd of his sheep, I doubt JD sleeps very well with everything that is going on in the professing Church. I, for one, am thankful that people like JD have the guts to call out people when they show signs of capitulation or outright selling the faith for fame and fortune. When Jesus comes back, I’d rather be on JD’s side than the popular evanjellyfish side. People like Piper and Keller are worshipped by almost all “cool” Christians. These things ought not be so.

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