AD Robles Dismantles Phil Vischer’s (The Veggie Tales Guy) Video on Abortion

Phil Vischer, the creator of the popular Christian animated series Veggie Tales back in 1993 (crediting his “whiteness” and “privilege” for the show’s success) and BLM/social-justice promoting videos in 2020, released a new one recently where he took aim at the notion that Republicans have the monopoly on pro-lifeism.

In this case, he enlists pastor and author Skye Jethani to specifically argue that liberals are the real pro-lifers who have been reducing abortion, not the conservatives. He states that if people actually care about bringing down the abortion rate they will support the Biden-Harris ticket and vote for the Democrats, not the Republicans.

Responding to this is AD Robles, who swiftly dismantles the twisted logic used to rationalize these talking points and challenges the way we are to think about such things and the presuppositions Christians should have when approaching arguments like these.



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7 thoughts on “AD Robles Dismantles Phil Vischer’s (The Veggie Tales Guy) Video on Abortion

  1. Looking at those graphics tells you everything you need to know About this monstrous act. And we think we’re so much more sophisticated than those Amalekites who would sacrifice their children.

    So I wish Mr. Vischer would come out and say how much money he’s donated to black causes or if he’s let a black family live in his home while his family moved out into a efficiency apartment or section 8 housing. No I think he means were the ones that are supposed to make the sacrifices not him. And his tape.

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