Justin Peters Min. Asks Whether or Not Beth Moore is Demon- Possessed

Justin Peters Ministries, which has been critical of Beth Moore in the past, took an even firmer stance against the Belle of the Southern Baptist Ball by posting an article on their Facebook page and asking the question whether or not Moore is demonically possessed.

The ministry, which is one of the finest ones we could recommend, typically focuses on bringing the power and might of the scripture to bear on NAR and Word of Faith wolves and wolvettes. They do occasionally branch out, however, and have thrown a few discernment nuggets her way, but never anything quite this explicit.

We’ve written about Moore before but have not explored such a possibility that Lifeway’s golden goose had bits of Beelzebub inside of her, chalking up her claims that White Supremacy is Running Rampant in “Much of the Church” that People Shouldn’t preach the Gospel at Protests, that Women Can Be Pastors and Trash-Talking John MacArthur to regular old paganism.

The article, written by Elizabeth Prata, gives two reasons why Moore may be under the devil’s spell:

“Reason #1 for my question: Beth Moore is not a Christian. How do I know? She is a rebel against God. She preaches at pulpits, she preaches a different Jesus, she accepts alleged personal direction from God in voices & whispers, she prophesies (and falsely, too), she refuses correction, she lives a feminist, un-Titus-like lifestyle, and she is unrepentant and unteachable. (1 Timothy 2:12Revelation 2:20Galatians 1:62 Corinthians 11:4Jeremiah 23:21Proverbs 5:12–13Titus 2:3-5). No one can do those and other sins for so long without repenting. No one can do those sins as a teacher and not be disqualified. The Spirit would not allow it. Remember, unsaved people are under satan’s jurisdiction as slaves to sin. (Romans 6:1619). They can be entered by him as satan did to Judas or into others by one of his demons.

The second reason she may be filled with Satan’s scamps is:

Moore wrote in the preface to her book When Godly People do Ungodly Things, a scenario that adds up to possession. She wrote:

“Unbeknownst to me, He’s been writing each chapter on my heart for several years. When the messagefor this book was complete (in His estimation — not mine!), God compelled me to ink it on paper with a force of the Holy Spirit unparalleled in my experience. He whisked me to the mountains of Wyoming where I entered solitary confinement with Him, and in only a few short weeks, I wrote the last line.”

When someone claims a force entered her and wrote the book without her knowledge or mental consciousness, then forced her to put ink to paper, and then made the editing decision of when the book was finished, sounds like possession

If indeed it’s true, we pray the horde of metaphorical swine get here soon.

The article seems to have not gone over well, however, with the majority of friendlies on his Facebook page saying that the article goes too far, questioning why Peters who allow such a strong statement to stand his page, and those less than on Twitter doing likewise.


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16 thoughts on “Justin Peters Min. Asks Whether or Not Beth Moore is Demon- Possessed

  1. You made an error. Justin Peters did not ask if Beth Moore is possessed. I did. It is my article, see the byline “By Elizabeth Prata”. It is the literal second thing in the article after the title, my name as author. The link was merely posed on Justin Peters’ Ministries Facebookpage. Please correct your headline and your article. Thank you.

    1. Hello Elizabeth, I was wondering why it was attributed to Justin Peters when the article clearly said Elizabeth Prata. I hope it gets corrected soon.

    2. Yes, that is the first thing I noticed, and that is no small error.

      What BM is describing is automatic writing. That is demonic, and evil, but does that mean she is possessed? “Jesus Calling” came through automatic writing (as did, “God Calling”). So did the Enneagram, the “Big Book” of AA, etc. Were all these people possessed? Perhaps, but not necessarily. BM may also clarify her description of her experience, but she clearly teaches leftist, Woke “Christianity,” and not biblical Christianity.

      Further connecting the dots, a few years ago she waffled a little bit, at least at first, on mysticism. She was confronted on it (“Be still …”) and she renounced it … but then reversed course and fully embraced it. The main point, however, is that a person cannot engage in mysticism (e.g. going into the spiritual realm with countless spirits that are on the opposite side of God to seek direction and an experience with God) and not come out heavily influenced by demons and even “doctrines of devils.” So is it any wonder if she is directed by automatic writing? No. This also explains how she believes so differently than she did 20 years ago. But this does not mean she is possessed.

    1. @Nos:

      Jesus said they were real. If they aren’t real, then Jesus lied. If Jesus lied, then Jesus sinned. If Jesus sinned, He was not a sinless sacrifice. If He wasn’t a sinless sacrifice then you are dead in your sins.

      Is that what you want?

      Is that really what you want?

      Count the cost.

      Think it through.

      Then stretch forth your hand..

      and choose.

  2. Didn’t someone once tell us “you will know them by their fruits,” regarding false teachers? If Beth Moore is truly regenerate, then why would the indwelling Holy Spirit allow her to teach so much error, thereby leading so many astray? The question kind of answers itself, doesn’t it? In other words, he would be working against his own self interest in regards to spreading the gospel through His elect.

    Always keep in mind about the plethora of false teachers that we shouldn’t be surprised since The Lord also warned us through Paul in 2 Timothy 4 that we are in an age of many who have “itching ears.”

  3. like the Lord says … goats are goats sheep are sheep… some sheep are still lost… but the Lord Jesus came to seek and to save those lost SHEEP… not the Goats… in case anyone reading this doesn’t know… this is the true ELECTION DAY!!!!!

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