Woke Church uses Skittles and Ice Tea for Communion Elements in Honor of Trayvon Martin’s Last Meal

A church up to its eyeballs in wokeness and blasphemy had a communion service for Ash Wednesday last February, taking the bread and wine but also setting up a special table for a secondary set of elements set aside, comprising of Skittles and Arizona ice tea, in honor of Trayvon Martin’s last meal.

Pastrix Jacqui Lewis (because there is no such thing as a woman pastor) oversees the artistic and inclusive Middle Church in New York, which is run by a collective of women, homosexuals and effeminate men who describe the church in the “who we are” and “what we believe” section as:

Middle Church is where therapy meets Broadway; where art and dance meet a gospel revival; where old time religion gets a new twist. We are Bach, Beatles, and Beethoven; we are jazz, hip-hop, and spirituals.”

We believe in the power of Love. Period. Through Love, we are each created in God’s image and filled with the Divine Spark. No matter whom we love, no matter how we look, no matter where we are on our journey, God’s imprint is in every person of every race/ethnicity, every gender, and every sexual orientation.

Naturally, such a church features a busy schedule filled with wokecrafts:

It’s under that context that the service took place. The pastrix elaborates:

During the blessing of the elements, one of the pastrixes explained:

Tonight we especially remember Trayvon’s last meal – Skittles and Ice tea – and we invite you to also participate in that. There’s a spoon and there are cups and all is ready. Won’t you come?

Martin was a 16-year-old teen who was killed in a skirmish with George Zimmerman in 2013, being acquitted on all accounts after the death was ruled an act of self-defense.

While the story went around the internet a bit when it was first brought to light, there was no video present. Thankfully @WokePreacherTV is doing the yeoman’s work and bringing these to life, pointing out that it is details like the pitter-patter of skittles falling happily on the plate that really brings this to life.

For a bit of a bonus, here are some more deep theological truths, uttered by sundry “pastors” during the service.


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8 thoughts on “Woke Church uses Skittles and Ice Tea for Communion Elements in Honor of Trayvon Martin’s Last Meal

  1. Kind of leaves me speechless with all the blasphemy involved, but then again, I guess, it just shows how we are likely near the end of the end times.

  2. Apparently, these dim-witted fools either are not aware that Martin combined these two components with Robitussin to make “Purple Drank” (look it up, crackers) or simply chose to ignore that critical fact.
    Regardless, they are guilty of the worst sort of blasphemy. Disgusting and pathetic.

  3. Add this to the list of readings I abandoned Protestantism. This is what happens when communion becomes “just a symbol” instead of the true Body and Blood of Christ. Even if you don’t participate in this garbage, if communion is “just a symbol” why not have it with skittles and iced tea? It’s just symbolic anyway 🙄

    1. And instead you adopted a works-based salvation and a pope, both of which are unbiblical. Many churches who don’t believe in transubstantiation still treat communion with reverence

      1. I’m Orthodox, we don’t believe in “works based salvation”, we reject transubstantiation, and have rejected the Papacy before the “reformation” was a thought in anyone’s mind. Ex-“reformed” and proud of it!

  4. Wellll…I remember last Easter so many churches were having the Lord’s Supper as part of their Easter Zoom services and telling people to just use whatever they have at home. Home communion, they called it. I have an elderly relative who thought it was super fun to have the Lord’s Supper using her breakfast toast and orange juice. There were social media stories (I have no idea if they are true) of people using chips, pop tarts, goldfish crackers, soft drinks, etc. Friends just rolled their eyes at us Pharisee types who expressed the opinion that the Lord’s Supper should be bread/ crackers and wine or grape juice.

  5. Even if you believe that Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have been killed and that Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed him, even if you believe that Trayvon was ultimately innocent, this is blasphemy

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