Veggie Tales Creator Phil Vischer Comes out as Pro-Choice

Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer, the man who swears he’s not progressive despite knocking creationists as a bunch of dummiescrediting his white privilege for the success of his show, claiming he didn’t know there were such things black Christians until he was an adult, thumbing his nose at “Cracker Barrel Christians,” and most recently getting upset at Christians for opposing LGBTQ.

After100 tweets and replies later, Phil’s true position has seemingly emerged. He considers himself ‘pro-life’, yet would allow and support exceptions for rape and incest. He argues that this position is completely acceptable for a Christian to hold, getting prickly and indignant when challenged. The conversations in no particular order:

Never forget that last year, Phil questioned the point of overturning Roe v. Wade well before the Supreme Court leak, agreeing with his co- host that it wouldn’t really bring down the abortion rate, and that trying to get it overturned is ‘almost irrelevant at this point’

It’s categorically false that most pro-life organizations support exceptions for rape and incest. Then again, Phil and his podcast co-host Skye Jethani have frequently argued that liberals and Democrats are the real pro-lifers who have been reducing abortion, not the conservatives. Phil’s said that if people *actually* care about bringing down the abortion rate, they’d vote for the Democrats and not for Republican candidate, showing how broken and compromised his thinking is about this issue. 

‘Pro-life’ with exceptions for rape and incest is functionally pro-choice. It is ageist and dehumanizing, and it’s good that Phil has finally exposed his treacherous thinking for the world to see.


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9 thoughts on “Veggie Tales Creator Phil Vischer Comes out as Pro-Choice

  1. Does Phil Vischer claim to be a Christian?

    The unbiblical nonsense that spills out of his perverted imagination should be enough to send a message to all true Christians having a scintilla of discernment that this is a worldly hack whose opinions ought to be rejected.

    No polemics or discernment website is necessary to come to this conclusion.

  2. It’s obvious that ole Phil uses this godless culture, instead of the Word of God, as the measuring stick on whether one is actually pro-life or not.

  3. Phil Vischer is no Christian. In his heart, he’s already deconstructed his faith. He just doesn’t have the “courage” to publicly admit it yet. Which is humorous, since the world will give him LOTS of praise when he finally does make it public. He’ll have to denounce his entire legacy including both VeggieTales AND What’s In The Bible, and if he has any intellectual honesty, he’ll have his name stripped from everything and sell the entire catalog to a Christian publishing house. Progressive Christianity is a pathway to hell, and with Vischer, we’re watching an example of the Great Falling Away occur in real-time.

  4. I’m still watching VeggieTales even if the creator has some wacky reasoning for his pro-choice stands. If the “Laura Carrot Gets an Abortion” episode ever comes out, I am going to report it. It’s on Youtube? You cannot label that as “for kids”. I will do everything in my power to get that excuse of an “episode” out of my sight and everyone elses.

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