If Trump Wins…

If Trump wins on November 3, you’re going to see a lot of evangelical leaders recalibrate themselves in a panic because they misjudged the cultural winds.

They will seek to jump back on the conservative bandwagon, and again posture themselves as traditionalists in order to maintain favor with the victors. These are leaders who lead by perceived consensus, and not by principles or convictions of basic right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and evil.

Evangelical leaders who endorsed Biden (or make excuses for those who do) are not brave men. These are not good men. They only know how to lead the church by following the world. Do not let them back on the wagon. Do not let them back in the tent. Ostracize them. Mark them. Avoid them.

To victors go the spoils, and these men don’t deserve so much as a table scrap. Give them no lodging. Provide them no greeting. They are traitors, Quislings, and Benedict Arnolds. And whatever bed they’ve made, let them sleep in it.

And if Trump does not win, may the Lord help us all because they’re coming for us.

It’s a good thing God is sovereign.

~JD Hall


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10 thoughts on “If Trump Wins…

  1. Pity you don’t promote the Christian viewpoint of Rev. Anthony Wade of 828ministries.com rather than the slanted, one-eyed, self opinionated and totally delusional garbage you promote as a “Christian” viewpoint.
    To be totally fooled by any person who simply “seduces” Christians by stating his “so-called” anti-abortion support shows how shallow you are !!! Do you seriously believe that if his wife became pregnant against his wishes that he would go ahead with the pregnancy ?
    How naive can you be.

    1. I could almost hear the theme to ‘Twilight Zone’ playing in the background as I read this TDS-afflicted rant… *shiver*

    2. No facts. No rational debate. No common sense. Just a typical left wing, non-nonsensical, over the top outburst of childish invective, Howard.

  2. Fact is, if Trump loses, or more correctly, the Democrats to successfully steal the election, which they certainly plan on doing, if necessary, America is gone for good because there will never be another Republican president and the Constitution will be eviscerated. And then there’s only one way to even attempt to get it back, and even that will be eliminated so then we wind up like China which has a much larger population but yet controls its citizens.

  3. They are already coming for Christians even while Trump is in office. Just more subtly. It’s just the beginning of the great sifting and falling away…
    These “evangelical leaders” who clamor around this President in photo-ops, laying their hands on him are all false teachers, heretics and apostates. Trump himself is a Scottish Rite Freemason and an Apollo worshiper (look it up for yourself). And he’s been overheard saying about Christians… “Can you believe people believe that bullshit?” (look it up for yourself). And he signed a Bible… seriously, enough said.
    So before more Christians fall over themselves thinking that Trump is the great protector of Christians… think again. He’s just another of Satan’s puppets. When he talks about “One Nation under god” He’s using a little “g”.
    Christians should be more concerned about the health of their local church than what these popular “evangelical leaders” i.e. wolves in sheep’s clothing are doing. You can’t do anything about their influence on their sheep… but you can do something about your church if it has been compromised.
    IF Creepy Joe wins… the purging just gains speed.
    Either way… prepare.
    Come Lord Jesus!

    1. Not to mention one of his SCOTUS judges ruled in favor of LGBT rights, and his most recent pick is a Charismatic Catholic.

  4. I support Trump, but even if he wins we’ll be going through the same thing four years from now. Simply winning an election will not make these radicals quit.

  5. I love American politics because if republicans win, democrats will claim tampering with the election and republicans will call them crazy conspiracy theorists. Still, if democrats win, those same exact republicans will claim tampering with the election, and those same democrats will call them crazy conspiracy theorists.

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