Baptist Church Pulls Young Minister’s Preaching License After he Publicly Endorses Joe Biden

A 21-year-old Texas minister who recently completed a year-long pastoral internship was informed his license to preach would “not be renewed” after he posted an essay on his Facebook page endorsing a Biden/ Harris presidency and excoriating Trump, saying ‘“I am voting for Joe Biden because he is the *true* ‘Christian option’.

David Bumgardner, a Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary graduate who has been very active on social media, made the remarks three days after his farewell sermon to Faith Memorial Baptist Church.

President Donald Trump is a threat to the flourishing of my neighbors … to national security … (and) to national unity…he stokes the fires of civil and racial unrest.”

I am voting for Joe Biden to get the most egotistical, hypocritical, divisive, deranged, and dangerous man to ever hold presidential office out of the Oval” Office…I am voting for Joe Biden because he will bring back decency to the White House.”

Bumgardner’s propensity to post provocative things flattering the democrats, blasting the republicans, and endorsing Black Lives Matter was eventually recognized by Pastor Avery Sprey of Faith Memorial, though a little too late. The pastor signed an agreement with Bumgardner prior to his licensing giving him and the church the right to allow his license to expire if he felt this intern was not exhibiting christlike character or getting spiritually wonky, and soon came to understand that he needed to drop the hammer given the “problematic nature” of some of his social media posts.

After Bumgardner posted his endorsement, the pastor confronted him and let him know that he was ‘considering’ not renewing the license, arguing “I couldn’t care less about his political views. My concern is that his social media posts cause discord among brothers and do not promote gospel unity.”

The fact that the pastor doesn’t care about the political views of his intern isn’t great and reveals deep problems with the pastor himself, but after it was discovered that the license would be a no-go, Bumgardner made everything public and voluntarily surrendered his license saying:

“Unfortunately, my license is inextricably linked to my qualifications and credentials as a Christian minister. It affects my standing in the ministerial community. It also affects my ability to be hired by a local church….

I hereby voluntarily surrender my license to gospel ministry and all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. I remain open to the possibility of reconciliation with the church so long as proper action is taken against the offending member.

“In the meantime, I will continue my ministry of public theology and itinerant preaching. I have already begun the process of transferring my membership to another Southern Baptist church where my political views and personal expressions will not be as problematic.”

Since his exit stage left he has been on a tear defending the vote for Biden to anyone who will listen. He denies there is any theological drift in the Southern Baptist Convention whatsoever and has launched a website accepting bookings to travel and teach people about ‘racial reconciliation, sexual brokenness, legalism, the Christian life, the Holy Spirit, and a multiplicity of other theological and practical issues.’


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5 thoughts on “Baptist Church Pulls Young Minister’s Preaching License After he Publicly Endorses Joe Biden

  1. Why does a “christian” minister have a Roman Catholic ash smudge on his stupid noggin? Vote for whomever you wish, but if you think the problem with Trump is himself and not the leftist lunatic whackadoodle insane asylum you have a screw or two loose yourself.

  2. Rank hypocrisy on display!! “Bible Believing”? Yeah right! What do you say the Bible says about the innocent unborn children killed every day? Crickets! I thought so.
    What a confused young man you are! Good riddance..

  3. Sadly, There are plenty of apostate churches in the US where this person with TDS can get a job and be called a minister and mislead people.. Let’s pray he has an encounter with the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ. This does not speak well of SBTS either.

  4. Yet another morally and intellectually retarded individual leading his flock astray. There are so many these days…

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