Exclusive: Logos Bible Software Still Selling Hundreds of Pornographic Books, Including ‘Naughty Spell Book’ ft. Satanic Sex Rituals

Earlier in the year, we brought you the exclusive multipart investigation of how Logos Bible Software was selling thousands of sexual and pornographic books through their platform, searchable through their multiple channels, and was dragging its feet to have them removed. 

While Logos and their various representatives have steadfastly refused to speak to us on or off the record since we first broke the story, Vice President of Content Product Matt Bennett ultimately apologized deep on the 6th page of a private forum post for allowing so much perverse content on their platforms, acknowledging that their “existing workflow failed at keeping illicit titles off the Logos platform,” while promising they are “rebuilding their process to better vet and filter content.”

We were initially optimistic, buoyed by a mass culling of content that removed nearly all offending titles. We noted that while it’s undeniable that Logos did not make purging pornography a priority, despite their dishonest continued insistence to the contrary, “Logos looks properly purged of the vast majority of sexually graphic books.”

It didn’t last long.

Despite their vaunted vetting efforts, Logos utterly failed to keep their platform free of pornographic content, with the new spate of sexually explicit content gracing their websites arguably even more disturbing than the last.

Here is a small sampling of some of their titles that are presently available, again demonstrating that Logos is not treating this breach of trust with the severity it is due. 

This “Naughty Spell book” is particularly odious, offering a host of satanic sex spells to attempt.

That is a small sampling, which you can see were timestamped and sellable at the time of publication .



There are hundreds, and we’re going to be sharing them over the course of the next few days. We could encourage our readers to kindly contact Logos at 1-888-563-0382 or cs@logos.com to request they stop selling smut once and for all.

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Logos Bible Software Still Selling Hundreds of Pornographic Books, Including ‘Naughty Spell Book’ ft. Satanic Sex Rituals

  1. I believe at this point, if they’re being honest, they need to just make a list of allowed publishers and authors, add some code to filter out all but those, then work to add back the ones excluded. Yes it’ll hurt business, but not as much as having a bunch of satanic and pornographic titles up for sale.

    Forget going through title by title. That’s not working. They need to involve the developers.

    And they need to reevaluate how the titles got into the system in the first place. Who submitted them. Was there any approval process. So on and so forth.

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