Episcopal Pastrix Rejoices After Receiving ‘Merch’ for Pride Eucharist

Jubilee Episocla Church is a “colorful, warm, multi-generational new congregation rooted” in North Austin. Led by The Rev. Lizzie McManus-Dail, she is a self-proclaimed “second-generation clergywoman and, specifically, a clergywoman mama” who “delights in talking about motherhood, pregnancy, and reproductive justice from this lens of faith and leadership in the church.”

We’ve mentioned her a few times, chiefly after she claimed she “loves the Feast of the Presentation in Luke 2 because it “centers the postpartum experience.”

The church recently announced their thirds annual ‘Pride Eucharist’ is upon them, requesting folks save the date.

Rev Lizzie recently shared her elation at receiving some merchandise for the event, gushing over the colors and messaging for the blasphemous endeavor.

Their merchandise can be purchased at their store, but why would you want to, given it’s basically the devil’s lounge wear.

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4 thoughts on “Episcopal Pastrix Rejoices After Receiving ‘Merch’ for Pride Eucharist

      1. Hey look, our resident atheist alphabet person/deviant troll is now quoting Shakespeare! Classy!

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