Rated R or PG-13? Mike Todd Announces Movie Based on His Book Will Begin Filming This Summer

Transformation Church impastor Mike Todd has revealed that a film based on his Book ‘Relationship Goals” will begin filming this coming June, and the only question we have is whether it will be rated R or PG-13.

In late 2021,  Breakthrough and Miracles From Heaven producer DeVon Franklin announced that he and his team were developing a movie based on Mike Todd’s New York Times bestselling book Relationship Goals, based on a sermon series he did by the same name that catapulted him to a wider audience.

They just called me this week and told me they’re starting filming on Relationship Goals the movie in June.  I can’t play with y’all.  I’m talking about Amazon is making the movie right now. …The reason they called me is they said -because I told them at the beginning,  I said,  number one, I want to make a movie movie.

I’m trying to prepare my church right now for the backlash, OK? We’re making a real movie. Not the Christian,  like,  I’m going after the lost.

I want them to be watching rom-coms and find Relationship Goals,  and I want it to be real to them where they’re at.  It’s baked.  You can’t clean a fish you ain’t caught.  So I’m not making this movie for church people….I’m not making Relationship Goals the movie for you. I want to cast it into the sea where people never come to this church.

But one of the stipulations is that we would be a part of the movie,  like it wouldn’t be based on the book.  And then, so they’re going to come here and shoot scenes at Transformation Church with all the people.  Now, I’m telling you all that so y’all don’t act wild.  I’m telling you now,  months in advance,  because there are going to be people,  like real actors,  like if I start naming them,  you’ll be like,  oh my God,  yes, it’s a real- It’s a movie movie.

Given the nature of what he’s describing, as well as the ethos and personality of Todd and the church, the movie will be at least rated PG-13, with a disturbingly high amount of cursing and sexual content, and may even hit the ‘R’ rating.

None which would surprise us one bit.

Transformation Church is led by pastor Michael Todd, the fashion-obsessed leader known for crowd surfing during his church’s worship service, preaching some good old-fashioned Modalism, and giving the world perhaps the grossest illustration in church after he (twice) snorted and then hocked a loogie full of spit and snot into his hand and rubbed it in another man’s face.

Two months ago, Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK, hosted a celebration of life for the late pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, hell-denying, Trinity-denying, Universalist, Unitarian Bishop Carlton Pearson, with lead pastor Michael Todd praising him as a “man of God” who faithfully lived out the gospel message. 

One month ago, he reiterated his contempt for the scriptures by trashing the stage and pouring syrup and whipped cream all over a bible.

He recently had a service where ballet dancers with bare butts danced around the stage, and, in a recent sermon, offered a muddled, confused, contradictory, and seeming apology for what God’s word says about homosexuality. Further, one of their pastors justifies his continual cussing by confessing : ‘I have never felt a conviction of the Holy Spirit’, argued on his podcast that belief in the Trinity is a non-essential issue, and that it should NOT be considered cheating if a married man is caught dancing and twerking with another woman.

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3 thoughts on “Rated R or PG-13? Mike Todd Announces Movie Based on His Book Will Begin Filming This Summer

  1. Sounds like he’s not content with the means that God has given to reach the lost (namely, preaching the gospel clearly to them). I guess he thinks his book-turned-movie will do better.

  2. Just another biblically ignorant narcissist with a microphone herding goats. Disgusting and pathetic.

  3. So who initiated this grand marketing scheme ? Micheal or some unnamed company.

    I think we know the answer

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