Transformation Church Pastor Mike Todd Trashes Stage, Destroys Bible by Pouring Syrup and Whipped Cream All Over it

A month after Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK, hosted a celebration of life for the late pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, hell-denying, Trinity-denying, Universalist, Unitarian Bishop Carlton Pearson, with lead pastor Michael Todd praising him as a “man of God” who faithfully lived out the gospel message, Todd reiterated his contempt for the scriptures by trashing the stage and pouring syrup and whipped cream all over a bible and communion elements as part of a grotesque sermon illustration.

Transformation Church is led by pastor Michael Todd, the fashion-obsessed leader known for crowd surfing during his church’s worship service, preaching some good old-fashioned Modalism, and giving the world perhaps the grossest illustration in church after he (twice) snorted and then hocked a loogie full of spit and snot into his hand and rubbed it in another man’s face.

He recently had a service where ballet dancers with bare butts danced around the stage and, in a recent sermon, offered a muddled, confused, contradictory, and seeming apology for what God’s word says about homosexuality. Further, one of their pastors justifies his continual cussing by confessing : ‘I have never felt a conviction of the Holy Spirit’, argued on his podcast that belief in the Trinity is a non-essential issue, and that it should NOT be considered cheating if a married man is caught dancing and twerking with another woman.

During his Fit to Finish sermon, where Todd focuses on the importance of eating healthily, he insists that the Holy Spirit spoke to him during a time of prayer and told him, “Michael, I only can bless the ministry to the level your body can take it.”

Despite that being stupid, unbiblical, and completely made up, he claims he ignored the Spirit for several years, but then finally came around and started eating better a few years ago and getting in shape. Using a set to represent a human body, Todd trashes it, along with a bible, questioning why his congregation is crying out because they never cared about their body before.

Perhaps someone should tell Todd that if you have to ruin a bible for a sermon illustration, it’s a very, very bad illustration.

h/t Seek Things Above TV

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12 thoughts on “Transformation Church Pastor Mike Todd Trashes Stage, Destroys Bible by Pouring Syrup and Whipped Cream All Over it

  1. That’s not a “pastor”, it’s just a blasphemous, sub-human nigger doing what most all of them do, which is acting like an uncivilized beast. I’m surprised he wasn’t flinging his own poo, like his cousins do in the monkey house at the zoo. This is just one more example of how our churches are being infiltrated and destroyed by evil.

      1. Yes, “seriously’! I’m also quite grown up, unlike you , who decided to show up and use my comment as an immature excuse to virtue signal. However, I do find your faux moral outrage to be hilarious.

  2. Satan or his demons often impersonate men of God to confuse and mislead.
    The Father of Lies appears to be a “pastor” in this church.

    My question is, “Why does anyone continue to come to a church let by Satan?”

  3. He looks to me like a guy who lost at American Idol and found a new crowd of morons who would clap and praise him!!!

  4. It says a lot about this website that no one has challenged the clearly racist comment by “Arien”. I’m shocked a so-called christian website invites folks that use such language.

    1. Maybe this site values actual free speech and doesn’t care what whiners like you think, who are just looking for an excuse to be butt hurt about something. This story is about someone who is preaching false doctrines and leading people astray, along with disrespecting and destroying the word of God, but all you can find to complain about, is that my post about it doesn’t meet your approval. You and your kind are what’s wrong with the church today. You’re so afraid of offending someone or stepping outside the bounds of political correctness, that you refuse to call out evil and would rather argue over meaningless minutiae.

  5. I am no pearl clutcher but if you can’t make your point without coarse words or slurs, well, perhaps you should rethink your argument in terms that encourage dialog or provide clear correction.

    And as for Todd, he is an immature, untrained showman that no congregation deserves to be saddled with. I pray for his congregation 😢

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