Another Prominent Christian Ministry Quietly Parts Ways With Alistair Begg

“Given that there is no such thing as a marriage of two men or a marriage of two women- so take that away- then what is this occasion that the grandmother is being asked to go to? It is just a celebration of perversion, and it’s just a celebration of two people promising each other that they will never repent of the sin that will send them to hell.” Dan Phillips

Days after being dropped by American Family Radio and agreeing with John MacArthur to bow out of the Shepherds conference, another prominent Christian ministry quietly parted ways with pastor Alistair Begg following his trash advice to a grandmother to attend an LGBTQ wedding.

RefNet (Reformation Network) is the 24-hour Christian internet radio outreach of Ligonier Ministries, playing content that is “committed to the historic Christian faith and edifying for the whole family.”

The few broadcast partners it has have been thoroughly vetted and “echo the great historical truths that have been well-framed by the creedal consensus coming out of the Reformation.” These include John MacArthur, Harry Reeder, Martyn Lloyd Jones, Ligon Duncan, Steve Lawson, Charles Spurgeon’s messages, and up until this last week, Alistair Begg’s Truth for Life.

Truth for Life was one of the longest-running programs, going back at least a decade. However, it has been quietly pulled from the lineup, with no announcement about its culling being made. The two images below are just weeks apart.

Given that Begg’s show plays on 1800 radio stations and he has recently doubled down on his defense of attending a LGBTQ wedding with emotional argumentation, insults, deflection and Joel-Osteen-level exegesis of the text, they likely won’t be the last.

h/t Evangelical Dark Web

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3 thoughts on “Another Prominent Christian Ministry Quietly Parts Ways With Alistair Begg

  1. In recent years, was my only platform to hear Truth for Life after hearing it on radio & through direct access to TFL content.

    I’ll keep tuning in to the RefNet platform but won’t go out of my way to find Truth for Life.

  2. I contacted them to ask and they responded!… With scripture and I was grateful they stood for truth and Righteousness! I stoped listening and missed RefNet but now we have it back on. I cannot listen to Begg after his refusal to repent, I pray he will see the light🙏

  3. We support Ligonier but until the news came out that RefNet canceled Begg I had no idea the platform even existed. Guess I’ll find it and listen in. However, Ligon Duncan should be eliminated next.

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