Watch: High Church’s ‘Youth-Led Service’ Is Absolutely Bonkers

With a median congregational age of 69 and a commitment to social justice caramels, the Episcopal Church is dying, both figuratively and literally. According to the denomination’s own projections, attendance will decline by 98% by 2041. Episcopal priestess Rev. Dwight Zscheile has lamented the losses noting, “At this rate, there will be no one in worship by around 2050 in the entire denomination.” 


We’ve written several feel-good stories about the Episcopals over the years, from Episcopalian Attendance drops 12% in 1 year to Episcopal Church Releases 2021’s Catastrophic Membership and Attendance Numbers, and even With a Median Congregational Age of 69, The Episcopal Church is Literally Dying. Populated exclusively by aging devils and blue-haired lesbians, their imminent demise can not come fast enough. This is the same denomination that recently passed resolutions condemning ‘pregnancy crisis centers’ while at the same time passing another resolution formally supporting sex changes for children. Let them be accursed.

A recent example of exemplifying its sheer irrelevancy is All Saints Church in Pasadena, California. They are both one of the largest Episcopal churches in the country and the most liberal. Led by impastor Michael Kinman, they’re known for their commitment to political activism and its love for all things LGBTQ. A case in point is its recent May 21, 2023, youth-led church service. It’s not even Pride Month yet, and emblems of homosexuality are interwoven into the fabric of the church service. Have a look and ask yourselves; how long will they last before they shuffle off into hell?

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4 thoughts on “Watch: High Church’s ‘Youth-Led Service’ Is Absolutely Bonkers

  1. The death of that apostate church can’t come soon enough. I led the music program in one for a very short time. Before I left, they held a “interfaith thanksgiving service.” Normally I would have played for it, but something said “do not participate in it” so I said I wasn’t available (they had a sub). One week before I saw the program. They were letting wiccans, buddhists, universalists, muslims and other apostate faiths participate even to the point of letting them parade in with their “symbols” and lay them on the altar.

    What is worse in that and this situation is watching the people just sit there. And no where else (practically) can you STILL see the mask nazis sitting there wearing the masks after THREE YEARS!

    1. Good for you. “Interfaith” is just another way of saying Christ is not the only savior.

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