Episcopalian Attendance drops 12 percent in 1 year

The Episcopalian church took an enormous hit in 2020, with the heretical denomination losing nearly 12 percent of their congregation members in just one year, according to reports by the Office of the General Convention that also shows they’ve dropped 20 percent since 2016.

The story, brought to us by Juicy Ecumenism, should not surprise anyone, as this denomination is thoroughly depraved and ceased long being Christian decades ago, with perhaps only a fraction of a percent of real believers left. Abortion and LGBTQ have long since been lauded celebrated, and if you throw a stone into a group of Episcopalian priests, a third will be gay, another third will have they/them pronouns, and the rest will be a miracle-denying atheists who’d just as soon defecate on the bible than deliver it as God’s word.

It is for this reason that. as we have previously explained how With a Median Congregational Age of 69, The Episcopal Church is Literally Dying.

The report reveals more startling information, such as 10 percent of their congregations have 20 people or less, 5 percent have 10 people or less, and the average congregation is around 50 people, the overwhelming number of them senior citizens. One diocese for example, the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan only has 385 members spread across 21 churches, and it just disappeared.

Diocesan statistics show seven baptisms in 2019, two confirmations, three received from other denominations and 13 marriages. In contrast, there were 35 burials that year – representing 9 percent of the entire diocesan attendance in a single year.

The last news item on its website was a directive in March of 2020 telling all churches “to cease all Sunday, Saturday, and weekday in-person gatherings.” and like that it was gone.

Even though Episcopalian finances took a hit over the pandemic, however, they have historically been an affluent denomination, being funded by the hordes of men and women who die and then leave the church in their will as a beneficiary to their estate. They are being kept running by the deaths of their deceived denizens, and likely have another decade or two left.

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