‘Amen Church’ Leader Promotes Gay Marriage During Concert; Crowd Falls Silent, Many Walk Out in Protest

In late 2021, Dr. Field Harrison and his wife Sabrina launched Amen Church in Dallas, Texas. A dentist by profession (and NOT a doctor of theology). The church was unique in that it was all staffed by volunteers and there are no paid positions, with Harrison pledging to donate all tithes to charity- sometimes homeless shelters, other times hospitals. In a since-deleted message on their ‘About me page,’ he explains, “You don’t have to be a pastor to grow the church. Every believer of Jesus is called to do that.”

Sabrina said the name for the church came to her while reading the bible. ”So in reading the Bible, that’s the one word I read every day, and it’s actually one of the names of God. So when I read ‘amen,’ right then I knew,”

Along with being the founder and chairman of Mint Dentistry, Harrison is also the chairman of True Music Label, which he founded with Dante Bowe, who is the CEO. TML has three artists on the cards: Amen Music, Amen Musica and Dante Bowe. Bowe is the former Maverick City Music member who got axed after being involved in a nude selfie scandal and who reportedly also attends Amen Church. His close ties to Harrison and Amen Church explains why Dante Bowe frequently performs worship at his church and why he was featured in all three Amen Nights. 

Amen Nights is a worship night/concert in the park put on by Amen Church. Their recent show included Dante Bowe, Aaron Moses, Tianna, and Lizzie Morgan. Near the end of the show, Field Harrison got up on stage and taught some gay-affirming theology, dropping hoped-for applause lines but finding himself bitterly disappointed when the crowd of Christians was not into it at all, with reports that many walked out in protest.

(Also, that no one in this crowd jumped up and shouted him down as a heretic is shameful)

They say you can’t drink. He says ‘I’m going to make wine at this party when we run out.’ They say ‘I’m going to be judgmental. I’m supposed to be judgmental.’ Jesus says ‘you should not be judgmental. Otherwise, you will be judged.’

They say that nobody of the same-sex should ever get married. Jesus goes mute on this issue. Jesus says ‘love is sacred.’ There’s only one unforgivable sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and if you think preaching against love isn’t blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, then I don’t know what it is.

When people love each other, to break that up, that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and it’s time for someone at church to speak up that what we are preaching is ridiculous.

We have to follow Jesus on another level. His words deserve to be the highest. He spoke for the Father. No one else spoke for the father other than Jesus Christ. That is what makes him the Messiah, that is why we are here, and if we get confused thinking that he is discriminatory toward anybody for a lifestyle or for a race or for interracial marriage. Think about 50 years ago when people weren’t even getting allowed to get married in some areas, when they weren’t of the same race, how ridiculous that is, and this world became more loving than Christians.

And there are people in this city that preach hate and we have to come against it as Christians. We gotta be like, ‘that is ridiculous. Jesus would never do that to anybody.‘ He would love people, He would love people on the level. He would love people so amazingly, openly, because he doesn’t want to change your sexuality; He wants to change your mentality. He want to change you. He doesn’t want you to be hateful. He values, faith, justice, and mercy. And here we are judging people for things he never even said.

But guys, there are some people that want to treat the whole Bible as equal, just not this guy...we want obedience to change the world. And I know this is not for everyone, and I know that it’s not appreciated especially in a Christian crowd, but it’s time for a Christian stand up for those that don’t have a voice.

Some who were there report that they walked out after the fact, including these two groups.

h/t to Joy105 for the vid

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15 thoughts on “‘Amen Church’ Leader Promotes Gay Marriage During Concert; Crowd Falls Silent, Many Walk Out in Protest

  1. Aside from their implicit denial that Jesus is God, or that God the Father and God the Son are somehow in disagreement, and the many times Jesus consistently condemned sin, the many times He urged followers to do the will of His Father, He did condemn it directly.

    “And he said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.” – Jesus, Mark 7:20-22

    The Greek word translated as sexual immorality is porneia. As used in scripture it refers to anything and everything sexual outside of God’s design for marriage between one male and one female. Jesus used the same word to refer to the one reason divorce is justifiable, in Matt. 19, as He reiterated God’s created design for marriage.

    And that’s that. He did directly condemn it.

  2. Another fake pastor carries the sodomites water…what else is new? It seems to me that God is sifting His church. Also these rock concert fake “worship experiences” seem to be designed to not glorify God in actually obeying God concerning what is true practice, but to feed the fleshly desires of “Christians” and “seekers” to have some sort of mystical experience of God…seeker sensitive trash from my view.

    1. Imagine the concerts and “worship services” the Apostles and early church would have put on to draw in the seekers!

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