‘Amen Church’ Removes ‘The Bible is Inspired’ From Their Statement of Faith+ Does Dante Bowe Agree?

A week ago, Amen Church founder Dr. Field Harrison shocked concertgoers attending the ‘Amen Nights’ worship concert when he attacked the inspiration of the Bible and came out fully as LGBTQ-affirming. Telling the gathered throng, “there are some people that want to treat the whole Bible as equal, just not this guy. … It’s time for a Christian stand up for those that don’t have a voice,” Harrison was dismayed when rather than standing up for the voiceless, the crowd instead stood up to leave, disgusted at what they heard. 

Though the church hasn’t made a public statement regarding the open gay affirmation, they did change their website’s statement of faith to be more honest about what they believe and better reflect their core values.

Before the fracas, it read, “We Believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is accurate, authoritative, and applicable to our everyday lives. (2 Timothy 3:16, Hebrews 4:12.”

In a move that is honestly quite refreshing and should be adopted by more churches, Amen Church removed that portion from its statement of faith following the concert, making its beliefs far more transparent.

Curiously, many were concerned about Dante Bowe (the former Maverick City Music member who got axed after being involved in a nude selfie scandal), wondering how he felt appearing at an event as a performer and then all of a sudden the speaker starts blurting out blasphemous gay talking points, invariably associating him with it.

They needn’t worry their pretty little heads. 

Along with being the founder of the church, Harrison is also the chairman of True Music Label, which he founded with Dante Bowe. The label has three artists on the cards: Amen Music, Amen Musica, and Dante Bowe.

Bowe and Harrison are good friends and business partners, with Bowe frequently leading worship at Amen Church Sunday services. In fact, Bowe attends Amen and sits under Harrison as a ‘pastor’ day in and day out, absorbing his teaching and sermons. 

Are we to believe that Bowe had NO IDEA that his friend, business partner, and church leader was gay-affirming? That he had no idea Harrison doesn’t believe the scriptures are divinely inspired and instead is a raging progressive? 

You’d have a hard time convincing us of that. 

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9 thoughts on “‘Amen Church’ Removes ‘The Bible is Inspired’ From Their Statement of Faith+ Does Dante Bowe Agree?

  1. Sola Scriptura has no place in an increasing number of churches that pick and choose to satisfy their own particular favorite sins. This clown show is no different.

  2. When interacting with people who profess to be Christians, I tried to be charitable and take at face value their profession. Not any more. People who profess Christianity these days believe all kinds of nonsense that denies the historical faith…and practice. Until I can find out what they believe, I don’t assume anything. These days antinomianism seems to be rampant in so called “churches”. This “church” (really a goat pen) fits the bill.

  3. It takes an extremely reprobate (non-functioning), strongly deluded mind to claim the abominable alphabet cult doesn’t have a voice. That’s about like saying the Gestapo and Stasi didn’t have a voice.

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