Pubic City Music? Dante Bowe Wears Filthy, Filthy, FIIIIILTHY Shirt For Vogue Photoshoot

Viewer Discretion is Advised. For real.

Former Maverick City Music singer Dante Bowe continues to spiral into worldliness and obscenity, this time by wearing a filthy shirt during a Vogue photoshoot that is unprecedented in terms of behavior that we’ve seen before from a self-declared Christian worship artist.

Last year, Bowe was ejected from MCM for unspecified wrongdoing. Bowe issued a brief non-apology apology that he later deleted, writing, “I sincerely apologize for the impact of my behavior and that it has offended many people on the platform we share together.” While he may have made private amends, nowhere in his statements did he publicly apologize for the behavior itself, but rather only the “impact” of his behavior on others. Likewise, he did not admit to any wrongdoing, only that his actions behavior “offended many people” on Instagram. It’s a dressed-up version of ‘I’m sorry you were offended.’

Fans of Bowe were dismayed he was removed over a seemingly minor infraction, yet media obtained exclusively by Protestia suggests it wasn’t the only reason. Bowe also accidentally posted a brief video on his Instagram Stories that was quickly deleted, but not before being captured and saved. In the short clip, Bowe films himself naked in front of a mirror, wearing only a tank top rolled up to his armpits while he preens and exposes himself. 

Recently, Bowe also made the news after his pastor, friend, and business partner went on a Pro-LGBTQ rant at a worship concert his church was hosting. Afterward, in response to his pastor claiming that the Bible has errors and is not equally inspired, Dante’s church removed ‘The Bible is the inspired word of God’ from their statement of faith, at least being honest about what they believe and who Bowe is sitting under. 

And now this shirt?

What more is there to say?

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