Exclusive! Dante Bowe Reportedly Released from Maverick City Music After Accidentally Posting Nude Video

Days after Maverick City Music suspended their professional relationship with singer Dante Bowe, citing “behavior that is inconsistent with our core values and beliefs,” sources say he wasn’t asked to leave the group simply for reportedly dancing and singing with artist Bad Bunny on a party bus (a musician whose lyrics are coarse and filthy) as has been speculated, but rather because he accidentally posted sexually explicit material of himself online, revealing a hidden life incompatible with one of the biggest worship bands on the planet.

Maverick City Music is a Christian worship collective based in Atlanta that has seen much success in just a few years. Known for such songs as ‘Jireh,’ ‘Promises’, and ‘Wait on you,’ their album Maverick City Vol. 3/ Part 1 recently won a Billboard Music Award for the Top Gospel album, and they recently won both a GMA Dove Award and a Grammy for their song Old Church Basement. Bowe has received many accolades, including six nominations at the 2022 Dove awards and five at the 2021 Grammy awards, taking home wins in several categories.

In the last year, the band has courted its fair share of controversy, with drummer Harold Brown posting then deleting a pro-choice message on Instagram where he repeatedly intoned “men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies” and lead singer Chandler Moore issuing a defiant ‘apology” after his salacious wedding photo went viral.

In a statement on Instagram, after explaining that Bowe was axed for this unspecified inconsistent behavior, Maverick lamented that “decisions like these are not easy because of the level of nuance, both professionally and personally, but we felt it necessary to address.”

In response to being suspended, Bowe issued a brief non-apology apology that he later deleted, writing, “I sincerely apologize for the impact of my behavior and that it has offended many people on the platform we share together.” While he may have made private amends, nowhere in his statements did he publicly apologize for the behavior itself, but rather only the “impact” of his behavior on others. Likewise, he did not admit to any wrongdoing, only that his actions behavior “offended many people” on Instagram. It’s a dressed-up version of ‘I’m sorry you were offended.’

Fans of Bowe were dismayed he was removed over a seemingly minor infraction, yet media obtained exclusively by Protestia suggests it wasn’t the only reason. Bowe also accidentally posted a brief video on his Instagram Stories that was quickly deleted, but not before being captured and saved.

In the short clip, Bowe films himself naked in front of a mirror, wearing only a tank top rolled up to his armpits while he preens and exposes himself. While there is no hint at his intended audience, several followers reported seeing the video and being shocked and upset at what they saw. With this activity revealing that the vaunted Christian musician has a deep and abiding sin problem, the cause of his departure is more than justified.

We reached out to Bowe’s and Maverick City Music’s publicists but did not receive a response at the time of publication. We are purposefully choosing to only release censored and cropped images from the video and not the more scandalous versions. These will suffice, as Bowe and his team have more than enough information to recognize where this video comes from and to validate its authenticity.

We pray that Bowe cries out to God for mercy and forgiveness, that he would repent of his sins and enter into a right relationship with his God and Savior, rather than continue on this treacherous path that only leads to destruction.

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  1. Given the reprehensible, grotesque and disgusting abortion imagery featured regularly on this site, it’s a bit surprising that Dante’s ‘Full Monty’ has not been depicted in this article. We can be glad of that, at least.

    1. Yeah, nothing is more disgusting than the actual sight of a slaughtered unborn baby. I’m assuming you are as outraged over the demoniacs doing the slaughtering, right?

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