“I Was There Too” Another Pastor Confirms Andy Stanley’s Shocking Q and A

On Sept 19, 2019, Andy Stanley participated in a private dinner with several pastors in Gilbert, Arizona. Stanley was in town for a conference and after it ended, local clergy joined him for a Q&A that was not live-streamed and was closed to the public.

There, Stanley spent the next hour and a half spouting deeply troubling and unbiblical views on homosexuality, shocking other people in the room. He suggested there’s room for gay marriage in the church, that he might officiate a gay wedding, and that we shouldn’t tell people they need to give up their homosexuality to follow and remain in Christ.

This is according to the testimony of Ryan Visconti, the pastor of Generation Church in Mesa, Arizona, who publicly purported to be there. Ryan’s testimony was confirmed by another witness, Luke Simmons, the Pastor at Redemption Gateway who was also in attendance at this clandestine event and confirmed the details.

It’s now also been confirmed by another witness who was there, Pastor Brian Kruckenberg of New City Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

This lines up with our recent report, where we detailed how North Point Community Church openly partners with and promotes gay-affirming ministries, which are deeply entwined with his care and counselling network. When parents who have LBGTQ+ kids come in for counselling, they are not told that their kids’ sexuality can be redeemed, but rather theeir sexuality is set in stone and must be accepted, and even celebrated. Kruckenberg continues:

The exposure continues.

You’ll recall that Stanley previously said that it doesn’t matter if the bible is true, so long as it’s ‘mostly reliable, and that the “foundation of our faith is not the whole bible. In 2018, he got shellacked from all sides for saying that Christians needed to unhitch themselves from the Old Testament and in a recent sermon told Christians not to follow Jesus through the Old Testament, but only through the Gospels. In the last year, he also said he preached in a way that gave pagans permission not to believe, went all in on Critical Race Theory by saying ‘it’s not enough to be ‘not racist.’ you must be ‘anti-Racist’+ you’re all racists, and then argued that white people fear black men.

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  1. It is quite apparent to all that this man hates the Bible and has no supernatural faith. So it is no surprise that all manner of error and heresy is starting to come out of his mouth.

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