‘Amen Church’ Purges Social Media Accounts Following Disastrous ‘Amen Nights’ Message

Last month, Amen Church founder Dr. Field Harrison shocked concertgoers attending the ‘Amen Nights’ worship concert when he attacked the inspiration of the Bible and came out fully as LGBTQ-affirming. Telling the gathered throng, “there are some people that want to treat the whole Bible as equal, just not this guy” Harrison was dismayed when rather than standing up for the voiceless, the crowd instead stood up to leave, disgusted at what they heard. 

Though the church never made a public statement regarding the open gay affirmation, they did change their website to be more honest about what they believe and better reflect their core values, removing the phrase ‘the bible is inspired’ from their statement of faith. Musician Dante Bowe, who attends the church, has not made a statement either. 

Despite having a robust and active social media presence before this event, the concert sermon has changed all that. Following the gay-affirming statements, the church’s social media accounts have gone silent or purged altogether. 

  • The last time they updated their Facebook page was March 19.
  • They have not updated their Instagram since March 19 
  • They have deleted all their sermons and content from YouTube. 
  • Founder/ preacher Field Harrison has taken his Instagram private
  • The church’s sermon links are now dead.

A small army of people has also gone back to comment on any old posts still up, calling him out as the wolf he is, with a small sample featured below. 

Love to see it, and we are hoping that it craters altogether. 

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  1. Kudos to those who left. This is the only way false/heretical teachers are marginalized – if they don’t have an audience.

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