Prestonwood Baptist Church Defends Viral ‘Drummer-Angels’ Flying Through Sanctuary: “Jesus Deserves Our Absolute Best”

Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX, the 40,000-member megachurch led by Dr Jack Graham, has defended itself against criticism following the release of a video showing a Christmas rehearsal with musicians flying through the air.

The video was a rehearsal for their ‘Gift of Christmas’ spectacle, which they run yearly. They advertise it as a “visually stunning multimedia event complete with special effects, a nearly 1,000-member cast and choir, live orchestra, flying angels and much more!” with tickets ranging from 19$ up to $59 for premium seating. Last year they featured those same flying drummers, along with a flying Santa and real camels brought onstage.

Defending the original clip, which received thousands of (frequently negative) comments, a Prestonwood Spokesperson offered:

For more than a quarter of a century, Prestonwood Baptist Church has pulled out all the stops in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas season…We are grateful to have the opportunity to share this grand celebration of our Savior with as many as 75,000 people each year through ‘The Gift of Christmas.’

“At Prestonwood, we believe Jesus deserves our absolute best, especially at Christmas. It’s unfortunate that the perennial American tradition of the church Christmas program now draws hateful ire from some. We pray that they, too, may come to know the joy of Christmas and the love of our Savior.”

Bonus. Hillsong still holds the crown for the worst Christmas shows.

There was the insane one, the satanic Buddhist dance, the one depicting Jesus born in a riotous bar, (since deleted), Hillsong’s sensuality Christmas show with fleshly dancers, the Hillsong show with women writhing in nothing but towels, their infamous ‘Silent Night Sleazy Night’ Christmas special from several years ago (also since deleted), the immodest, irrelevant Tina Turner cover and then the new one with more displays of the flesh.

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7 thoughts on “Prestonwood Baptist Church Defends Viral ‘Drummer-Angels’ Flying Through Sanctuary: “Jesus Deserves Our Absolute Best”

  1. This rehearsal is for their yearly Christmas show, not a church service. Sorry, but this article is a big nothing burger –

    1. I agree. This is entertainment as a vehicle to deliver the gospel message. Please don’t lump a conservative, God-honoring church in with the usual suspects. Focus on real stories so you don’t look like Julie Roys. There’s plenty out there. Don’t attack people on the same team as us. The pink lady is fair game

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  3. As a former member of PWBC and having attended numerous Christmas performances, this article is not based on facts or has been written by someone who knows anything about PWBC nor their Christmas plays. Yes they are of the highest quality and production utilizing church members but they are a sight to behold honoring our Lord and Savior with reverence and worship. This article has put a stain on Protestia a sight I frequent often. I am very disappointed with Protestia.

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