Perry Noble Holds ‘Red Neck’ Themed Church Service + Sings ‘Rednecker’ to Open

Perry Noble of Second Chance Church, for some crazy reason, had the idea to host a ‘redneck’ themed church service, opening up the show with a cover of country music band Hardy’s ‘Rednecker’ while donning a backward hat, torn shirt, torn jeans, and crocs for their July 24th service. The opening song lyrics include:


So you think you’ve got some county line cred
‘Cause you rode a dirt road or two
You got a mossy oak hat on top of your head
And a southern pride tattoo
Yeah, you might’ve a drank a little grain alcohol
Or hauled a little hay
But if you think your boots got more dirt than mine
I got one thing to say

My town’s smaller than your town
And I got a bigger buck and bass on my wall
I got a little more kick in my drawl
Y’all I got little more spit in my chaw
And my truck’s louder than your truck
And my collar’s a little more blue
You might think that you’re redneck
But I’m rednecker than you
Yes I am

I got a car parked in my front yard
With a floorboard full of slim jims
I piss where I want to
And I fish where I swim
Yeah, I bet you ain’t got it on a tailgate
Or killed a copperhead a time or two
And man, if you’re thinking you’re a better beer drinker
Buddy, I’ve got news for you

The worship leader did modify the song a bit, however. Instead of the line “I PISS where I want to” it was changed to “I KISS where I want to.” Not a very ‘redneck’ thing to do.

Following that song, the worship band immediately rolled into Thrive Worship’s ‘Always so good” to jarring effect. As for the rest of the service, there is no actual discernable tie-in to the theme that we can detect.

Noble, who is fresh off from completing the ‘Evangelical Ministry Restoration and Reintegration Process’ claims that Genesis 13 and 14 are “literally the most redneck stories in the entire bible” but then offers no clue as to why this might be. (In these chapters, Abram and Lot separate, and Lot is later rescued by Abram). It is bizarre and gimmicky, but given that he once held a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed church service, we’re hardly surprised he’d play dress-up in this way.

Editor’s Note. By way of background and to give context, Noble was the founder and lead pastor of NewSpring Church, an SBC mega-church with a daily attendance of 32,000. He was seen as a rock star in evangelical circles, headlining major conferences and sending social media ablaze with every new provocation from the pulpit, of which there were many.

Then the story broke. Perry Noble had been kicked out of his church by his elders for his “posture toward his marriage and increased reliance on alcohol and other behaviors” (essentially being an alcoholic whose life and marriage was out of control).

Unfortunately, reconciliation did not occur, either with the church or with his wife. A year after he had been whisked away, the elders at Newspring still deemed Noble unfit for ministry, with lead Pastor Clayton King informing the congregation, “Perry currently does not meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, teacher, shepherd.”

Since then, Noble followed in the footsteps of many disgraced pastors by returning to ministry right soon thereafter. He started a new church called “Second Chance Church” that is now running nearly 2000 people every week, being on the cusp of megachurch status. Despite claiming at the time there was no hint of sexual immorality between him and his wife, he divorced her a few years ago and got remarried just recently.

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