Disgraced Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Releases Song Mocking Trolls- ‘They’re full of-‘

Former Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble has released a song on Facebook mocking as trolls anyone who disagrees with him, describing them as living in their mom’s basement and being obsessed with him because they have no life

For many people, the last they heard of Perry Noble was back in 2016. At the time he was the founder and lead pastor of Newspring Church, an SBC mega-church with a daily attendance of 32,000. He was seen as a rock star in evangelical circles, headlining major conferences and sending social media ablaze with every new provocation from the pulpit.

He was also widely known for several minor scandals, such as playing AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ for their Easter service, being rebuked by his denomination for bad theology when he called the 10 commandments “10 promises” and to a lesser extent being the foil to reformed folk and discernment bloggers alike when he rebuked congregation members in his church who said they wanted to go “deeper” and dismissed them as “jackasses.’

Then the story broke. Perry Noble had been kicked out of his church by his elders for his “posture toward his marriage and increased reliance on alcohol and other behaviors.” (essentially being an alcoholic whose life and marriage was out of control.)

Unfortunately, reconciliation did not occur, either with the Church or with his wife. A year after he had been whisked away, the elders at Newspring still deemed Noble unfit for ministry, with lead Pastor Clayton King informing the congregation “Perry currently does not meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, teacher, shepherd.”

Since then, Noble followed in the footsteps of many disgraced pastors by returning to ministry right soon thereafter. He started a new church called ‘Second Chance Church’ that is now running nearly 1500 people every week, being on the cusp of megachurch status. Despite claiming at the time there was no hint of sexual immorality between him and his wife, he divorced her a few years ago and got remarried just a few months ago.

Consequently, Perry continues to take an adverse posture towards his critics. Years ago he famously told any congregants who arrive late to the service because they like the preaching but not the choice of secular songs, “I think you officially suck as a human being.” Now, he has created this ditty:

I know on the internet I look so big and bold
But the reality is in this world I’m really just a troll
I have no life so I’m obsessed with becoming known
It’s easy to point out others faults rather than dealing with my own

Trolling on the internet well it makes me feel so good
In my underwear and moms basement, You know I’m so ‘hood’
I’m a modern-day pharisee my critiques are legit
I think I’m super Godly but I’m really just full of –

Naturally, those commenting on the post expressing their apprehension and choice of lyrics were labeled as ‘trolls’ and dismissed, demonstrating that for all Noble claims to have been changed by the last 5 years, some things never do.


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4 thoughts on “Disgraced Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Releases Song Mocking Trolls- ‘They’re full of-‘

  1. Years ago, I think it must have been on “The Elephant Room” (something I only happened to come upon at the time; didn’t know anything about the show), I saw Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald interviewing Perry Noble about the use of the AC/DC song during the Easter service (Noble claimed that someone was saved through that). I barely knew who Driscoll was, didn’t really know anything about the other two, but I remember thinking, “That doesn’t sound quite right…” What mostly stands out to me, though, is that I remember at the end of the thing MacDonald basically telling the viewers very sternly that no one had the right to criticize Noble because he “is my brother”. I remember thinking, “So, because he’s your ‘brother’ he’s exempt from criticism or questioning?” Again, I didn’t really know anything about these guys, so I just passed it off as something crazy that I didn’t really agree with. It’s just interesting to see the early “fruits” of some of these guys and the early warning signs that were probably abundant to those who knew more about them than I did. This article just brought back that memory.

  2. Just when you think much of the contemporary American church is on an E-ticket ride to Hell, there’s this. Who are these people who follow a narcissistic, worldly moron like this guy?

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