Charismatics Release Picture of ‘Satanic Portal’ Over the White House

Charismatics love to take pictures of spiritual happenings, from images of God’s hand in the sky to pictures of a cat’s soul leaving its body,’ there is something sad about sad upon their proof of the supernatural that they’ve managed to snap.

In this case, we have chief-enabler Steve Shultz, frequently seen goading Prophetess Kat Kerr on, Prophet Robin Bullock, the male version of Kat Kerr who likewise take trips to heaven and claims that God ‘lives in a cube of gelatin,’ and also Roger Stone, the conservative political consultant, lobbyist and ardent Trump supporter who has been making the rounds on various podcasts and shows, encouraging people to wage spiritual warfare through prayer for the former president.

They all appeared on an April 26, 2022 special broadcast on Elijah Streams Rumble channel. Stone claimed he had a picture of a satanic portal over heaven, and wanted to share his findings with the world, explaining;

“We who believe, we can close the portal, but we can only close it through prayer. Massive prayer, millions of Christians praying to close the portal…It’s like a swirling cauldron. I’ve tried to find some natural explanation: a reflection or an aerostat balloon for weather. No. I sent a personal friend down there—he thought I was crazy—I said, ‘Do me a favor, go down there, use a regular digital camera and see what you see..”

We then see this picture:

“There you can see it. It’s very, very clear. It doesn’t move, day or night. It’s harder to see during the day, but you see it at night. And I’m absolutely convinced about the inherent evil of what’s going on in the White House, what’s going on in the country, and I think it’s imperative that people know about this, that people of good faith and Christians know about this, and we begin a national, essentially a prayer assault to close the portal.

…We were born for this moment. I’ve been preparing for this moment for my entire life without even knowing it. I just thought I was a political warrior. But this is no longer a war in the political realm, and I do know how it comes out because I know how the Bible comes out. I don’t know exactly what the plan is, but I do know that closing this portal is crucial to victory. I want others to talk about it. I want others to see it. … This is not some practical joke. This isn’t some conspiracy theory. I’m absolutely convinced that this is demonic. It is a satanic portal. It is access to this Earth by those who are evil, and only by closing it will we be successful in saving this nation under God.”

That’s about what we’ve come to expect.

h/t to Right Wing Watch

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8 thoughts on “Charismatics Release Picture of ‘Satanic Portal’ Over the White House

  1. Man this post is really grievous and pathetic. As if a portal is responsible for all the abortions, violence, sexual sins, blasphemy , divorce, etc? Really Roger? Which bible are you reading? repentance is what stops the devil in his tracks. Repentance and faith in Christ alone. North Americans need to jumble themselves and take responsibility for our actions. It starts in the home. It starts with you, Roger.

  2. TheOtherBen that is the best comment I have read in a very long while. Hat tip to you for talking truth and (un)common sense.

  3. It’s obvious not all believers have been prepared. Take the 10 virgin parable for example. 5 of them were prepared, and waiting for the surprise timed coming of the Bridegroom. The other 5 were not prepared, and will miss the coming of the Bridegroom. Few churches teach end time messages, instead feeding their sheep pablum, hoping to not cause any to leave their congregation. This leaves them unprepared, not recognizing we are in the birthpang short period that leads to the Tribulation period. The devil is busy, his evil angels and demons preparing for their harvest of believers that think all is well, nothing new to be concerned about. Their evil is now more apparent than ever, but so many have set themselves aside, ignoring the times we are in. God put those signs there to warn us! To choose to be blind to them is to choose to be left behind.

  4. Most likely a red reflective light effect from surrounding traffic lights, or other source. Impossible to see in daylight. Just more nonsense pablum from far right loonies!

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