‘God Lives in a Cube of Gelatin?’ Have We Found Someone Crazier than our Favorite Charismatic Prophetess?

Our favorite pink-haired charismatic prophetess Kat Kerr has long been a mainstay at Protestia, on account of being certifiably insane and about as crazy as a rat in a coffee can. Every Wednesday she meets up with the eternally gullible and chief-enabler Steve Shultz and she answers questions about her thousands of trips to heaven, receiving hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments per video by prophecy-chasers and fellow charismatics who have said in their hearts that the bible and the scriptures are not enough.

But Shultz also meets with Robin Bullock. He’s functionally the male counterpart to Kerr, but with worse hair. In the video, he claims he has seen, based on his own extensive heavenly tourism, that God has to stay in a cube of gelatinous substance in order to contain his power.

I remember one time, you know, I’ve been to heaven in different throne rooms a few times. And every time I was in a throne room -he has different throne rooms for different things- I watched him create the world one time.

Shultz: “Wow”

“It was the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. And when you got to the end of it, but the white throne, it’s set up on about seven tiers. And when you look down at it, it was massive. It was a massive thing. And it was inside this cube of like gelatin, it was like clear gelatin. And it went around in a square, around him, in his whole throne.

You can see his hair. You can see the outline of it inside that, in his beard…. He’s watching all of this and his eyes full of fire. And he’s just watching.

And inside this cube of gelatin, it was clear like… it was pure energy. It was power. It was just like electricity alive inside this cube. …When you see him like that, that cube had to be around him, there was too much power coming out of him. It had to be there.

h/t to that hive of scum and villainy known as the Friendly Atheist.

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6 thoughts on “‘God Lives in a Cube of Gelatin?’ Have We Found Someone Crazier than our Favorite Charismatic Prophetess?

  1. As the Church Lady from SNL used to say, “Could it be… Satan?”
    Well, maybe not Satan himself, but I’m betting it’s one of his fellow demons.

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