Leaked Audio! Russell Moore and Francis Collins Talk About Fetal Cell Research in a Demonic Way

On October 26, 2021, at a private event at the University of Chicago, for a select group of ‘future elected officials, diplomats, [and] economists,’ former ELRC Director Russell Moore and Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins had a chat. Moore said that he invited his friend, the famed professing Christian scientist to “separately and together to deal with evangelical resistance to the vaccine with COVID and some of the controversies we’ve had over masking and government mandates.” The event wasn’t being officially recorded or live-streamed, and both men expressed their relief at this, as it gave them an opportunity to speak ‘more freely.’

Near the top of the #BigEva totem, Moore has repeatedly platformed the acclaimed scientist, geneticist, and professing Christian Collins, seeking to push out his expertise and Christian creds to the masses, enjoining them to view him as a trusted leader in this space and in matters of medical expertise.

But unbeknownst to them, the event was being surreptitiously recorded, and the Daily Wire obtained a recording of it, detailing how Collins was laughing as he threatened employees to get the vaccine or be fired, went uber partisan against Trump, and detailed the various machinations and politics at play in enforcing vaccine passports.

While that is certainly bad enough and worth the read, one portion that caught our attention was during a Q&A time.
The Daily Wire reports:

The University of Chicago event suggests that Collins was not only aware of such funding, but personally greenlighted some of it, and that Moore, at least, had previous knowledge of his friend’s professional history.

When one of the students asked Collins about the NIH funding experiments such as University of Pittsburgh studies that involved harvesting body parts from full term babies and grafting infant scalps onto lab rats, Collins did not deny knowing about or greenlighting such projects. He also did not say that he opposes abortion. Instead, he said that he is “troubled” by abortion and made a case for the morality and efficacy of research based on aborted tissue.

After all,” he said, “pregnancy termination is, at the present time, legal in the United States. Whether you’re in support of it or not, it’s happened … The material from those elective abortions is discarded. There are aspects of fetal tissue that can be extremely valuable in understanding how life works, how development happens, and how to treat certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, for instance.”

Collins then continued to press the argument that research derived from fetal tissue can be ethical.

“Fetal tissue is being discarded in large quantities every day,” he said, “If there were a circumstance where, with consent of the mother, having been obtained after the abortion, not in any way as an inspiration to carry it forward, the abortion…could ultimately help somebody. Which of those two choices is more ethical — discard all the tissue or use a small part? … Can you in fact, in some circumstances, even with actions that you consider immoral, derive something from it that might actually be moral and beneficial? That’s the horns of the dilemma upon which I have been resting here for these 12 years as NIH Director, trying to oversee human fetal tissue research, which is something that I have to make decisions about.”

In an interview several months ago, Collins said God would approve of experimentation on aborted baby parts, explaining:

I would be the first to say we should not be creating or destroying embryos- human embryos- for research, and we should not be terminating pregnancies for research.

But if there are embryos that are left over after in vitro fertilization- and the hundreds of thousands that are never going to be used for anything, they’ll be discarded- I think it is ethical to consider ways in which research might make it possible to utilize that information to help somebody.”

“And likewise, if there are hundreds of thousands of fetuses that are otherwise being discarded through what is a legal process in this country, we ought to think about whether it is more ethical to throw them away, or in some rare instance to use them for research that might be life-saving.”

The Daily Wire also notes:

For his part, Moore gave no indication that he was not aware of Collins’ background and views that diverge sharply from those of most pro-life activists and the mainstream evangelical Christians who make up Moore’s primary following. Instead, Moore told the student, “I don’t have to agree with every Christian on everything in order to see the fruit of the Spirit in that person … Nonetheless, I can respect him as a Christian.

Unlike Moore, given all, we know about him. We don’t respect him as a brother, nor do we view him as such. Collins is no Christian. He released a statement for PRIDE month where he publically revealed himself to be thoroughly compromised on the Christian’s view of LGBTQ issues and the scriptures, offering them his personal support as an “ally” and regurgitating all the progressive talking points he could muster. He is the founder of BioLogos, the self-described “Christian organization” that seeks to bridge the bible and evolution while insisting that humans evolved from apes 200,000 years ago and that Adam and Eve never actually existed.

He has a low view of the church, recently making the case that in-person public schooling is a higher priority than in-person church, previously openly supporting doing experiments on fetal tissue on account that he doesn’t believe human embryos to be life, but only ‘potential life” and refusing to condemn “pregnant people” language. Weeks ago he attacked Christians for singing in church unmasked and has spent the better part of the pandemic blasting Christians for insisting on having church together in person, rather than virtually.

Both these men used the opportunity to speak freely, and they both are condemned by their words.

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