Francis Collins Laments ‘White Evangelicals’ Who have Killed Thousands by Their Vaccine Hesitancy + Still Won’t Mask Up While Singing

The former National Institutes of Health (NIH) and professing Christian Director Francis Collins had a very candid conversation with BioLogos President Deborah Haarsma last week, explaining he was ‘heartbroken” that white evangelicals weren’t taking the vaccine fast enough while continuing to condemn and caution about singing unmasked in churches, according to RNS News.

Collins has been in the hot seat for the better part of a year now, after we and other organizations exposed him for the compromised wolf that he is, despite being platformed and defended by men like Tim Keller and Russell Moore.

To recap, Collins released a statement for PRIDE month where he publically revealed himself to be thoroughly compromised on the Christian’s view of LGBTQ issues and the scriptures, offering them his personal support as an “ally” and regurgitating all the progressive talking points he could muster.

He is the founder of BioLogos, the self-described “Christian organization” that seeks to bridge the bible and evolution while insisting that humans evolved from apes 200,000 years ago and that Adam and Eve never actually existed. He has a low view of church, recently making the case that in-person public schooling is a higher priority than in-person church, openly supporting doing experiments on fetal tissue on account that he doesn’t believe human embryos to be life, but only ‘potential life” and refusing to condemn “pregnant people” language, we have no reason to suppose that this man is a brother. Oh, and he doubled down on his argument that scientists should use bodies of aborted babies for scientific experimentation.

Speaking at an Angle Forum/BioLogos webinar on February 2, 2022 titled “Faith and Science in an Age of Tribalism” Collins said:

I am just basically heartbroken in a circumstance where, as an answer to prayer, vaccines have been developed that turned out to be much better than we dared to hope for. And yet they are still not seen as something that a lot of white evangelicals are interested in taking part in and, as a result, people are dying. I just didn’t see that happening and certainly not at this scale.”

Collins went on to explain that the culture war waged by evangelicals is in part responsible for over 100,000 people dying unnecessarily, later telling an interviewer that many white evangelicals have been “victimized by the misinformation and lies and conspiracies that are floating around, particularly on social media and some of it in cable news.”

No word on the guiltiness of Black evangelicals

In another interview with Time, he reiterated part of this message:

“I identify as a white evangelical Christian and that is the very group where the vaccine hesitancy is at the highest level. I don’t want to blame any of those people who have been somehow seduced by misinformation into a position that is not good for them. I want to blame the people who are spreading the misinformation especially those who know it’s not true and are doing so anyway.”

Collins concluded the interview with a discussion on wearing masks in church while worshiping, saying it was a “bad idea” to remove masks while worshipping Jesus in an indoor church building, unless everyone in the church has been either vaccinated and boosted, or else tested negative that day- strictures and conditions of attendance that he fully supports.

“That’s more and more what people are trying to do in terms of making these things possible, is to go to the extra lengths of reducing the likelihood that anybody there is currently infectious… (but) even that’s not a guarantee.”

3 thoughts on “Francis Collins Laments ‘White Evangelicals’ Who have Killed Thousands by Their Vaccine Hesitancy + Still Won’t Mask Up While Singing

  1. “ heartbroken”
    Lol theses guys use all the jargon. It’s an affinity scam to coverup their baby-chopping, puppy-torture and globalist warmongering. You dumbo white evangelicals feeling “shameful” yet for questioning why they murder live infants to steal body parts? Do you want to be racist domestic terrorists? If not then love your neighbor and shut up and submit

  2. As a choir director whose silly members where masks to SING, I cringe when I see this. People blindly believed a story from almost two years ago. Churches shuttered their music ministries because of a (now debunked) story about how this virus caused the death of choir members. I have had members who wore a regular mask for 2 years now running around like mindless ants (well, ants may have more brains at this point) trying to find the N-whatever masks that the CDC now says “these work.” Doesn’t matter that they wore the other useless (we tried to tell you) masks and you were fine.

    It is ludicrous to watch and listen to people sing while wearing a mask, but you can’t penetrate the delusion. Truly sad. Yesterday, some idiot had delivered masks that you wear over your head. I looked at them and they are the masks you wear if you are sanding wood or staining wood. An older member said “I can’t breathe wearing those.” I said “they aren’t meant to be worn all the time. Time to stop wearing a mask that does nothing.” Crickets. It is beyond sad, but you cannot reach them.

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