Biologos Founder Francis Collins Refuses to Condemn CDC’s ‘Pregnant People’ Language as Unscientific or Untrue

One of the world’s leading scientists and geneticists and professing Christians, Francis Collins, has refused to answer the question of whether or not we can trust the CDC as a reliable source for our scientific advice on account of their advocating from unscientific pro-trans “pregnant people” language.

Francis Collins is also the Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the founder of BioLogos, the self-described “Christian organization” that seeks to bridge the bible and evolution while insisting that humans evolved from apes 200,000 years ago and that Adam and Eve never actually existed.

During the September 2021 Church leader podcast, he and Ed Stetzer discuss vaccine hesitancy and the role of the CDC is contributing to that, after a hundred qualifiers and reassurances that he’s on Collin’s side, he asks him how we can have confidence that the CDC is “trusting the science” and operating solely on a scientific basis unencumbered by external pressures, on account of the woke and unscientific practices of the CDC to drop language like “mothers” and replace it with “pregnant people.”

To quote @wokepreaherTV, “As Collins dances around the issue, declining to say that such transgender-appeasing language is untrue or unsupported by science, he bizarrely asserts that anyone who worries about anything more than COVID-19 is “unmoored” from a commitment to truth.

ED STETZER: A lot of people are suspicious of a lot of the apparatus that you oversee…Some of that comes from…the changing guidance on masks…but also, too, it’s the question of...I tell people, “Believe the CDC,” and then I see people from the CDC go on and change language about “mothers” to “pregnant persons,” and things of that sort. So…it’s becoming increasingly hard for me in the last few months, as one who wants to be your champion, when the apparatus that is under NIH and all the health stuff, seems to have been caught up in some of the currents of the day.

So why should I, as an evangelical Christian who believes that mothers have children, and yet that’s different language now coming from different parts of areas you oversee, then say, but what they’re saying about the virus, which I believe. Remember, I’m on your team. But I’m having to answer these questions to people in my churches. So how would you answer that as a fellow evangelical, that I trust?

FRANCIS COLLINS: Well, I would say, first of all, it’s probably not a surprise to any of us that all human institutions have flaws, and that certainly applies to government institutions and to churches, as well. They’re created by human beings. We have this incredible wisdom that is poured into rusty vessels, and it doesn’t always come out quite the way you would like. And so, be a little bit accepting of the fact that institutions are always going to have these flaws, but then try to look past that.

And again, let’s come back to this issue about what is the truth. And if there’s something I’m really worried about, more than even COVID-19, it’s this sense that we’ve become unmoored from an appreciation that truth is what really matters, that we will be guided by that. And if we start to step away from that, even if we don’t like the message, well, where will we be?

And this is not just the secular world that’s all about alternative facts, it’s the church, too. If we’ve lost that, if the truth is what we need to set us free, well the alternative is not a place that is going to have a future. So yeah, okay, go ahead and be frustrated about institutions that don’t say things quite the way you want, I hear ya. But ask, what’s the truth here? And where are you most likely to find it? And I would say you’re going to find a lot more truth in the CDC website than on Facebook.

Collins points out that like the CDC, churches also have issues and flaws and that we need to “look past that.” This may be true for some things, but if a church is vocally stating as a scientific fact that pro-trans nonsense like “birthing people’ is a thing, or is being pro-LGBTQ in any way and insist on using that language, we ought to thoroughly condemn and repudiate them as two-fold sons of hell and hand them over to satan. So not a good illustration or comparison at all.

Stetzer, dealing that Collins dodged the question, tries to apologetically goes in for a second time, but gets shut down.

STETZER: No. I agree with that. I agree with that. I would be remiss, and people will yell at me, if I didn’t say: I think, also, the truth is is that mothers are the people who are pregnant and have children. And so it’s hard hearing from you, who I know, and I know, you know, I know your journey. I know you love the Lord. That’s kind of a hard message. I want to say to you, yes, can you address that in some of your areas that you oversee, as well? Because that’s true, too. We’ve got to follow the science in multiple places. But again, remember, I’m on Francis Collins’ team, and I’m trying to answer people who, I say, “Listen, you’ve got to go to the CDC website, believe the truth.” And they say, “You mean the same CDC website that can’t say that mothers are pregnant?” So it’s harder for us to persuade those conversations. So what I hear you’re saying-

COLLINS: I’m really sorry that those issues are getting tangled up here, believe me, and I’m not the director of the CDC, right? And I am worried that, in fact, the credibility of some of the things we’re trying to say gets all muddied over with some of these other issues that are very controversial. So I totally hear you.

h/t Wokepreacherclips for the vid and transcript.

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6 thoughts on “Biologos Founder Francis Collins Refuses to Condemn CDC’s ‘Pregnant People’ Language as Unscientific or Untrue

  1. That fallacious appeal to authority and a dollar will buy a cup of coffee. Otherwise it’s worthless. Believe no one but God Himself. Do your own research. Many claims made by the CDC are easily refuted. Look at Israel, for example. When nearly 90% of the population is fully “vaccinated,” a significant percentage has had a third booster shot, yet the daily infections are the highest ever, hospitals are full, deaths are up, that’s not a small number of “breakthrough cases”. In what alternate reality is a “vaccine” effective when the infections, hospitalizations, and deaths increase as the number of “vaccinated” people increases? There’s an upward curve of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, where a downward curve should exist, if the so-called “vaccine” were effective to any measurable degree. That’s not a small number. That’s a huge number, and that math is irrefutable.

    The CDC recommends that healthy young people take the so-called “vaccine” when they’re several times more likely to die or suffer serious injury from the “vaccine” than they are the virus it’s supposed to protect against. Until just a few days ago, the CDC recommended people with natural immunity should get the so-called “vaccine” when natural immunity is far superior.

    Their credibility as it relates to the virus is every bit as bad as the “birthing persons” insanity.

  2. (ESV) Jude 7 just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire,[a] serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire. 8 Yet in like manner these people also, relying on their dreams, defile the flesh, reject authority, and blaspheme the glorious ones.

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