Supercut of Evangelical Elites Praising Mad Scientist Francis Collins

Last month we wrote about how National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins, the acclaimed scientist, geneticist, and professing Christian, released a statement for PRIDE month where he publically revealed himself to be thoroughly compromised on the Christian’s view of LGBTQ issues and the scriptures, offering them his personal support as an “ally” and regurgitating all the progressive talking points he could muster.

Coupled with him being the founder of BioLogos, the self-described “Christian organization” that seeks to bridge the bible and evolution while insisting that humans evolved from apes 200,000 years ago and that Adam and Eve never actually existed, along with his low view of Church where he made the case that in-person public schooling is a higher priority than in-person church, openly supporting doing experiments on fetal tissue on account that he doesn’t believe human embryos to be life, but only ‘potential life” and refusing to condemn “pregnant people” language, we have no reason to suppose that this man is a brother.

Despite these egregious theological positions, he is beloved by #BigEva and is constantly being foisted upon us as an authority figure or someone we should respect and look up to, though we can’t for the life of us imagine why. Some of his foisters include David French, Rick Warren, Tim Keller, Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Gabe Lyons, Curtis Chang and N.T. Wright, to name a few. Have a supercut below to see this is the case.

This is especially true of Rusell Moore. Despite all the scandal, this has not stopped his paramour from gushing over him, inviting him out to be his special guest for a night of authoritative conversation.

Do you think that Moore will address the two most recent scandals with Collins including that to quote Laurence Boorstein, “NIH funded an experiment on 44 beagle puppies ages 6-8 months having their vocal cords slit to stop them from barking, howling or crying so researchers wouldn’t hear, having their heads locked in mesh cages so they could be bitten by sandflies before being killed and dissected?

Or the fact that, as summarized by TheFederalist, “NIH has funded macabre experiments that employ body parts collected from aborted human fetuses to create “humanized mouse and rodent models with full-thickness human skin? These sick people were using scaps from aborted babies and grafting them onto mice, and the venerable Francis Collins’s NIH funded it.

There is a tiny chance that Moore may address it, but only to give him shade and cover, without any effort to hold to his feet to the fire to ask him some real pressing questions.

Because after all, Collins is a part of the evangelical intelligentsia just like him.


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13 thoughts on “Supercut of Evangelical Elites Praising Mad Scientist Francis Collins

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  1. Jesus was very clear. Sexual immorality defiles a person and those who disregard the Law of God will have no place in God’s kingdom. Paul writes to the Corinthians telling them to flee from sexual immorality because the sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God. John writes that only those who have turned to Christ for his forgiveness will be able to enter the city of God and have a right to the tree of life but that the sexually immoral will be excluded. (Mark 7, 1 Corinthians 6, Revelation 22). Anyone who is wrong on this goes contrary to the message of God’s word. To believe anything else is to follow the father of all lies.

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  2. God will not apologize for destroying the wicked cities of Sodom & Gomorrah as he will not apologize for the destruction of the West who are being led astray into immoral lifestyles. 1000 years Christ will rule this planet and you sodomites won’t be invited to the party!

    1. They will not be invited but as the centuries pass by; they will seep back in! READ:

      “At the beginning of the Millennium, only believers will be alive (Revelation 19:17-21), some who live through the Tribulation Period, and some who come back with the Lord at His second coming. It will be a time of peace unparalleled in history (Isaiah 2:4; Micah 4:3). Jesus will be ruling on the throne of David, imposing a benevolent theocracy on all of His creation. Jesus will ensure that everyone has every need fulfilled, while not tolerating the sin so prevalent in today’s society (Psalm 2:7-12; Revelation 2:26-29; 12:5; 19:11-16). We can only imagine such a time of “heaven on earth.”

      The believers who live through the Tribulation will be mortal. They will live and repopulate the earth during the Millennial Kingdom. Without the devastation of sin taking its toll, we can imagine the population increase during the Millennium will be enormous, almost incomprehensible. All those who are born during the Millennium will enjoy the benefits and blessings of Christ’s reign on the earth, but they will still be born with a sin nature, and they will still have to freely repent and believe the Gospel, personally choosing Christ as Savior and Lord.

      Yet, at the end of the Millennial Reign, Satan is loosed and is able to deceive a vast multitude to follow him in one final rebellion against the Lord of glory and His saints! It seems that the further humanity gets from the end of the Tribulation and the start of the Millennium, the more they will “take for granted” how good they have it, and some may even harbor doubts about the goodness of God. Even though the number who rebel with Satan are said to be “as the sand of the sea” (Revelation 20:7), they may still be a minority compared to the number who do not rebel. It will still be a large number of souls who join Satan. Undoubtedly, one of the primary reasons God gives us this picture of what will happen in time is to demonstrate the deep-seated sin nature inherent in all of humanity (Jeremiah 17:9).

      Additionally, God is trying to tell us something about His nature as displayed during the Millennium. His grace and goodness will be on display continually. But at the end of the 1,000 years, He will have zero tolerance for rebellion. When it happens, He will show no mercy and offer no “second chances.” At that time He will be quick to judge, and the final rebellion of Satan and sinful man will be over in a flash of fire. After this, the final judgment of the dead takes place (the Great White Throne Judgment, Revelation 20:11-15). Eternity can thus begin with every aspect of sin gone for all time.” gotquestions…

  3. True evangelicals who actually believe and try to live the Bible need to unite to support each other. I just left a church due to its wokeness after having done so a year ago for the same reason. Can’t seem to find a church that stands in compromised.

  4. Prison is sadly necessary until we find ways to reeducate these wacko fascist anti-vaxx loons. True evangelicals get the jab and stand with 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    1. Go away, dumbass. This is a site for adults.
      insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither a sodomite not mentally ill

  5. Ah, Simon the Magician has come to the 21st century. You can’t fake your way into God’s graces by appeasing the corrupt world and altering the scriptures. Why claim to believe in a book that you think is not literal? If Adam and Eve didn’t exist, then why believe the Gospel of John or the Book of Romans?

    I guess religion is easier when you can cherry pick some verses to support your lifestyle instead of altering your lifestyle to match the scriptures.

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