Not Clickbait! Scientists Graft Scalps From Aborted Babies to Mice and Rats for ‘Research’

(Lifenews) The horrors of abortion take place both in and outside of the abortion industry. And thanks to pro-life investigative journalism, Americans are beginning to learn more about the barbaric ways unborn babies are treated both before and after they are killed in abortions.

A shocking new report from the National Catholic Register describes how scientists at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania recently used scalps from aborted babies to create “humanized mice” to study the human immune system.

Gristly photos of their research, published in the journal “Scientific Reports” in September, show the aborted babies’ scalps already with wisps of hair growing on them, attached to mice and rats.

(Editor’s note. The following paragraph was inserted by us and not found in the original article. It is a description from the research itself)

“Male and female rodents were myoablated via gamma radiation using cesium-137 irradiator, with mice receiving a dose of 150 rads and rats receiving a dose of 500 rads. Myoablated male and female mice were transplanted with human fetal-thymus, liver, and spleen in the kidney capsule, autologous CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (via retroorbital injection of 0.2 × 106 cells)17, and full-thickness human fetal skin on the panniculus carnosus of the mouse skin-excised dorsum61,62,63. Myoablated male and female rats were transplanted with human fetal-thymus and liver in the renal capsule, autologous CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (via retroorbital injection of 0.5 × 106 cells), and autologous full-thickness human fetal skin (less than four days old) on the panniculus carnosus of the rat-skin excised dorsum61,62,63. In some instances, rodents were only transplanted with full-thickness human fetal skin.”

Stacy Trasancos, a chemist and the executive director of the St. Philip Institute in Tyler, Texas, wrote the report. She pointed out that the research report is available publicly online for all to see.

“You don’t need to go undercover and follow around employees from Planned Parenthood like David Daleiden at the Center for Medical Progress to find out how the remains of aborted children are used in research,” she wrote. “All it takes is a look at scientific…”

To continue reading, click here and weep.

Editor’s note. This article was written by Micaiah Bilger and published at Lifenews. Title changed by Protestia. Posted only after we were able to vet information to ensure it wasn’t some kind of sick joke. It wasn’t.


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2 thoughts on “Not Clickbait! Scientists Graft Scalps From Aborted Babies to Mice and Rats for ‘Research’

  1. How can you not wonder why God just doesn’t nuke us all or just burn it all down since he promised not to flood the world again. I wonder if people who vote Democrat realize what they’re supporting. I’m sure Dr. Josef Mengele would be proud of these people doing these experiments. What’s next, the kind of experiments that he did or even worse?

  2. I have been attending a non 501c3 indep. baptist church for forty some yrs. we are not involved w/ gen. assemblies, hierarchies or councils telling us what we can preach , sing and teach. Old hymns are sung only. Churches today are corporations tied to 501c3’s by choice. Home church/ or small informal groups is another option for some living in areas where nothing is available or go online to :

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