Reminder: Mad Scientist Francis Collins and his Big Eva Pushers Were Exposed a Year Ago

Evangelical Twitter is on fire again. This time the Evangelical Intelligentsia (now also known as Regimevangelicals) is targeting Daily Wire journalist Megan Basham for outlining the connection between former NIH Director and fake Christian Francis Collins and his partnership with known wolves like Russell Moore, Ed Stetzer, and Purpose-Driven Pope Rick Warren.

Institutionalists at SBC seminaries like SWBTS’s Dan Darling took their usual generalized, drive-by swipes:

SWBTS’s Daniel Darling assumes laypeople shouldn’t presume to correct “leaders” until we are properly recognized as true ministers by the blue check evangelical establishment.

This technique is popular at SWBTS, as president Adam Greenway has recently used the same technique against John MacArthur (siding with a pagan who posted an out-of-context edited video) and to defend Ron Burns (aka Thabiti Anyabwile) from his lady preacher-supporting:

In response to a pagan attacking John MacArthur using sermon clips out of context.
In response to the complementarian controversy following Thabiti’s acknowledgment of women pastors.

In her Daily Wire article, Basham chronicled how Stetzer and Moore provided the cover of orthodoxy for Collins, uncritically claiming that Collins was a “very committed Christian” and a “fellow follower of Jesus” as they joined with him to advance a godless government agenda that included aborted fetal tissue research, gender-bending, LGBTQ normalization, cruel animal experimentation. While the ERLC was staying silent on government-forced church closures, Collins’ NIH was busy grafting aborted human tissue onto mice.

Respectable journalists correctly praised Basham for connecting the dots between the evils of bureaucrats like Collins and his defenders and enablers in evangelicalism, yet lamented that we needed “more journalism like this in the Evangelical world”:

While we agree that the church can always use more truth-tellers, this kind of journalism does exist in the evangelical world. It has existed for some time.

It wasn’t until credible secular media like the Daily Wire realized what was going on that orthodox Christians rightly spoke up against the unholy alliance between big government and the Regimevangelicals. Yet oft-maligned “discernment bloggers” at Protestia, Reformation Charlotte, and many other faithful sites have been sounding the alarm about theistic evolutionist Francis Collins and institutional grifters like Moore and Stetzer for a while now.

In fact, we’ve been exposing him as a pro-LGBTQ, pro-abortion fake evangelical on multiple occasions, months before this came out.

By all means, encourage truth-telling everywhere you find it. And stay tuned to Protestia to remain ahead of the curve.

9 thoughts on “Reminder: Mad Scientist Francis Collins and his Big Eva Pushers Were Exposed a Year Ago

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    3. As it now appears that commenter “Teresa” may have been the one posting idiocy the last few days using my name, I apologize to Johnny for assuming it was him.

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      BTW, come down with the Wuhan flu yet, dumbass?

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