“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” is no doubt a familiar idiom for discerning Christians. For climate alarmists, the idiom is no doubt, “Where there’s smoke, there’s an opening for Marxism.”

The latest smoke pointing to another SBC seminary fire came in the form of a video of a pagan earth worship ritual performed at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Atmospheric scientist, evangelical Christian, and aggressive Twitter blocker Katharine Hayhoe – along with five other panelists – was subject to the bizarre ritual before the discussion commenced.

Upon realizing this was the same Katharine Hayhoe Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary had platformed in 2021 to teach seminary students the gospel-centeredness of radical climate ideology, journalists and social media discerners took it upon themselves to figure out that SEBTS had vouched for and exposed their students to someone who believes mankind is “digging up and burning fossil fuels that are wrapping an extra blanket around our planet causing it to warm” and who has laughably asserted that “the temperature of the planet has been as stable as that of the human body” (despite easily available evidence to the contrary).

Turns out, much like Francis Collins has served as COVID Hysteria Apostle to the Evangelicals in the last few years, Katharine Hayhoe has been busily carrying the Gospel of Climate Change to unsuspecting churches and seminaries for well over a decade – a message attempting to get Christians to elevate environmentalism to the same “gospel issue” status as every other leftist concern infecting the church (racial “reconciliation” and CRT, #metoo feminism, LGBTQ acceptance). Unsurprisingly, the supposed victims of climate change (women, minorities, the poor) are the same “marginalized” groups harmed when Christians fail to gospelize every other leftist pet issue, and the proposed solutions (forced redistribution of resources, intersectionality, anti-capitalism) are largely the same.

Pew-sitters should be forgiven for seeing red flags when a self-described Christian and pastor’s wife is also a recent Time Magazine Most Influential Person, one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Leaders, and recipient of the United Nations’ so-called Champions of the Earth award. She worked with “protect trans kids” Don Cheadle to produce the Showtime documentary series Years of Living Dangerously, which featured a who’s who list of Hollywood liberal hosts presuming climate change was the cause of any and every natural disaster, drought, or less-than-ideal environmental reality. Aside from usual topics like blaming extreme weather and supposed rises in sea levels on human industry, the series takes aim at fracking, the coal industry, and (with apocalyptic “logic” that would make Al Gore proud) blames the “Arab Spring” protests of the early 2010s on global warming making wheat unaffordable.

Hayhoe was recently appointed Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy, a dark money environmental activist group that reportedly provides green credentials and “look the other way” cover for big corporate donors like BP, Chevron, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, and Dow Chemical. Despite these clear conflicts of interest, she makes a living producing commissioned doomsday climate reports for local governments and activists to scare them into forcing “climate action.” In 2019-2020, she co-produced a “you’re all gonna die” report for the government of Alberta to frighten citizens into accepting heavy-handed government control of energy. The report featured the same ridiculous claims of historical climate consistency, blamed accidentally ignited wildfires on global warming, and was thoroughly dismantled as junk by Alberta’s own Friends of Science.

Hayhoe’s quest to smuggle enviro-Marxism into evangelical churches under the auspices of “creation care” is not without allies. Author of the upcoming children’s book “My Guncle (gay uncle) and Me” and out-and-proud “gay pastor” Jonathan Merritt has similarly tried to leverage scripture to pressure evangelicals into supporting the climate alarmist agenda. In his 2010 book Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet, Merritt unironically laments the inverse relationship between commitment to conservative Christianity and commitment to environmental activism.

Hayhoe’s husband Andrew Farley is the egalitarian, hyper-grace-promoting heretic pastor of The Grace Church in Lubbock, TX, the so-called “Church Without Religion.” Farley teaches that believers need not confess and ask forgiveness when they sin, that believers no longer struggle with the flesh once saved, and that believers are infused with God’s righteousness (“like God in spirit”) upon salvation rather than declared positionally righteous by imputation.

Whether she’s arguing for leveraging COVID-19 authoritarianism for climate activism, claiming that “God’s creation is speaking to us” and “telling us it’s running a fever” (an absolutely idiotic claim), or blocking anyone and everyone who even begins to challenge her positions or behavior, Katharine Hayhoe and her false teacher husband should be marked and avoided by all discerning believers. Increased fossil fuel development and access is the key to helping the poor, and the cult of climate alarmism has no place in the church.

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