‘Jesus’ gives Schizophrenic Bethel Pastor Keys to Time Travel

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Jenna Winston is a “pastrix” at Bethel Church in Redding, California and also the proprietor of the “Heartscaping” ministry. Her testimony is that she is a diagnosed schizophrenic who spent the first 40 years of her life going through psych ward and holds “multiple abuses, mental illness” diagnosis, extreme drug addictions, and has multiple suicide attempts, all before winding up at a faith-based recovery program where she claims to have a radical encounter with Jesus that “forever changed the trajectory of her life.”

This encounter that resulted in her being healed of mental illness, psychosis and suicide, (or has it) consisted of her instance that Jesus cozied up next to her in bed and playing with her hair, running his fingers through it, his fingertips lightly scraping her scalp and whispered sweet deliverances.

Finding freedom from her demons, she calls herself a “Seer Prophet” and does counseling through her Heartscaping ministry, “specializing in inner healing, prophetic deliverance, identifying and cultivating your spiritual gifts, and restoring your full identity.” One distinctive is that unlike most people shilling their wares, hers are unusually upscale in terms of their price, with a typical course video being $129.

Last month she spouted a wee bit of open theism heresy, explaining how God doesn’t know the future, This week, she’s claiming that a bunch of angels and Jesus the devil gave her the keys to travel back in time into people’s “generational lines” and scoop up any blessings and giftings that were left behind by dear old grandad or great-great-great-great aunt Betty.


This transcript has been lightly edited to remove copious amounts of “like’s and ums.”

A couple of years ago- because I do see angels every day– but when it’s for me, an encounter for me, there’s obviously a different feeling and whatever to it. This angel drops in and I’m like ‘oh hello’ type of a thing and it was holding a key up like this and then it had a ring and it had three keys hanging.

You know the other ones are very personal to me, but when it got to the last key as it was telling me what each key was, all of a sudden all these other angels showed up.

I’ve never heard the term ‘angels of harvest’ and all of a sudden Jesus is there and Jesus proceeds to tell me that I was being given the authority to send the angels of the harvest to go back through people’s generational lines and pick up any blessings, mantles, giftings, callings anything that was unused in the spirit.

EEEEERCH!!!!! What the what now?

Well months and months went by and actually, it wasn’t until I was at Lauren Hassan’s on my birthday and she’d asked me to share. It was in me so much to do this.

And I was kind of nervous about it because I realized some people are like “Ahhhhh” you know? But I’m like “Whatever it’s my truth, you know? Whatever.”

So I pray this, and for weeks I was getting messages from people that were like “I just got an inheritance in the mail” or check in the mail, or I just got this or I just got that. So then I think it was months I later did it again, and I think I’ve only ever done it maybe three or four times, but every time, and I just I kept hearing the whole time we were talking the Lord’s like “I want you to do this” and I’ve never done it over online platforms.

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6 thoughts on “‘Jesus’ gives Schizophrenic Bethel Pastor Keys to Time Travel

  1. Just another opportunist using God’s Holy Name in vain to fleece a naïve and undiscerning flock. Pathetic.

  2. That’s like, wow, and like, weird and stuff😂😂😂😂😂

    Truly, we are in the last of the “Last Days”. 😐

  3. It’s no surprise to me that Jenna Winston is on staff at Bethel Church. There is so much non biblical teaching going on there, I could write a thesis on it. Forgive us Lord.

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