TGC Contributor Ironically Praises Enneagram On Podcast about ‘False Teaching’

Yesterday we brought you a video from a recent episode of the Let’s Talk podcast, featuring, Jackie Hill-Perry, Jasmine Holmes, and Melissa Kruger talking about race relations and critical race theory that went sideways real fast. In a new episode, while discussing “how to identify false teachers as well as the difference between false teaching and mere differences of interpretation” host Jasmine Holmes ironically praises the enneagram, something that two other TGC writers have previously condemned here and here.

We ourselves have written about it in a few places, after Christianity Today (Ft Russell Moore) Advances False Claim That The Enneagram Has ‘Christian Roots’ and Conservative PCA Seminary Puts on New-Age ‘Enneagram Seminar’.

In a nutshell, however, it is a thoroughly occultic, demonic, new-age woo-woo trash that no Christian should have anything to do with. It has nothing to do with Christianity, nothing to offer or teach Christianity, and is fit to be burned for the pagan heap of bovine scatology that it is.

Holmes evidently disagrees:

“And I just think somebody who is a high achiever and who thinks that if you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and if you work really hard, you’re going to get ahead in life, would be attracted to maybe somebody who’s like a prosperity teacher, not in an outward way, but in more of a like, ‘Hey, do these 10 Easy Steps’ And if you just do them (You’ll get the life you want) Right?

And that to me makes sense that somebody who’s like an achiever would, and for me, like, okay, so I’m an Enneagram, five, I know, every time we mentioned Enneagram, I just imagine, like, half of our listeners are like, ‘Why?’ “False Teaching”

Sorry, um, but I love information. Information comforts me so much. Like, just tell me how it works, tell me what it is, and I’m gonna feel so much better. And for me, I think that I am sometimes attracted to people who have all the answers.
Just give me the answers to my questions and I’m going to listen to you, if you have answers that soothe me, if you have answers that comfort me, that is definitely something that I’ve noticed throughout my walk that I’m attracted to.”

8 thoughts on “TGC Contributor Ironically Praises Enneagram On Podcast about ‘False Teaching’

  1. Black women are tired. They run this country for y’all and all they get is racism and hate speech.

    1. Was that your attempt at seeming intelligent? I want to thank you for consistently demonstrating what a Romans 1 reprobate looks like.

    2. MAN this troll gets tiresome. Readers, take note. This is either a bot or an evil dude here.

      And keep being discerning.

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  3. I wouldn’t necessarily think the enneagram is good or bad. It’s not the Gospel, sure, but it does elaborate what is your core motivation for your actions. That’s it.

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