Woke Podcast Promotes ‘The Enneagram for Black Liberation’ + Reclaim it from ‘Whiteness’

The Truth’s Table, led by Christina Edmondson and Ekimini Uwan, is promoting a new book on their Twitter account, the curiously titled The Enneagram for Black Liberation (Return to Who You Are Beneath the Armor You Carry) by Chichi Agorom, who is an Enneagram teacher.

The ‘Table’ was said to be “built by Black women and for Black women,” and they described their podcast as “women who love truth and seek it out wherever it leads us. We share our perspectives on politics, race, culture, entertainment, and gender, which are filtered through an accessible yet robust Christian theological framework interspersed with hearty cackles and cathartic tears.”

No mere personality test, Israel Fouche has a nice write-up where he explains where we get it from:

“It was first introduced to the Catholic community around the 1970s through people like Robert Ochs who taught it at the Jesuit School of Theology in Chicago. Ochs learned it from Claudio Naranjo at the Esalen Institute which existed to teach alternative education through the merging of western and eastern philosophy.

It was at Esalen where Noranjo took the Enneagram teachings of Oscar Ichazo and merged them with western psychology. Noranjo was taught the Enneagram by Ichazo when he visited Santiago, Chile with a group of around 50. Ichazo was an occultist who practiced esoteric spirituality and also practiced Zen, Sufism, the Kabbalah and the teachings of Georges I. Gurdjieff (the Father of the Enneagram). Ichazo spent years in the East studying the higher yogas, Buddhism, Confucianism, alchemy, and I Ching and after himself spending a reported 7 days in a state of ecstasy decided to start a school to teach what he had learned and established the “Arica institute” where Noranjo studied the Enneagram.

Ichazo taught that every person is born a pure “essence” but between the age of 4 and 6 choose one of 9 personalities (the Enneagram). He taught that to return to one’s essence you have to act opposite to your personality’s ego through special practices such as meditation or the Buddhist Mudras. Ichazo claimed to have been taught the connection between personality and the Enneagram while in a trance under the influence of Archangel Gabriel, the “Green Qu’Tub Spirit” or Metatron. Some of the training at the Arica institute was to prepare you to connect to your “Green Qu’Tub Spirit” (Sufi mystical term for spiritual master)”

In short, it’s some thoroughly occultic, demonic, new-age magik trash that no Christian should have anything to do with. It has nothing to do with Christianity, nothing to offer or teach Christianity, and is fit to be burned for the pagan heap of bovine scatology that it, no matter how much Russell Moore or TGC Contributors praise and defend it.

According to Agorom’s book, even the demonic spiritual practice is infested by white supremacy, and it’s her job to shuck it off, giving blackfolk the straight new age truth unencumbered by whiteness.

“The Enneagram is an ancient system of human development that shows us the limiting stories that keep us stuck in unhelpful patterns and invites us into more expansive stories. For too long, conversations about the Enneagram and its personality types have been centered on and by whiteness. In The Enneagram for Black Liberation, certified Enneagram teacher and trained psychotherapist Chichi Agorom reclaims the Enneagram as a powerful tool for Black women to rediscover our wholeness and worth that existed long before systems of supremacy told us we weren’t enough.

Wholeness work is justice work. Centering freedom, ease, and rest for Black women, Agorom invites each of us to claim the Enneagram as our tool for resilience-building in the continued fight for liberation.

Bonus quote, from her appearance on the new age Life as Spiritual Practice podcast:

(Because of the Enneagram) It’s been a really wonderful and freeing experience to reconnect to the wisdom of my body and to find the divine within that has been a powerful part of the part of my journey with the Enneagram.

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