Perry Stone Called ‘Nasty Perv’ During Church Service

During his Tuesday service, prophet Perry Stone was greeted with one unhappy congregant who, while he lamenting the fact that so many people had left their faith in recent years, shouted out from the back where the whole church could hear, according to the CFP:

“Probably because you keep touching them, you nasty perv! Why don’t you tell them the real reason why they left? Because you kept touching them.”

She’s not wrong. In July of 2020 took a sabbatical after 11 letters were sent to the Voice of Evangelism board of directors, as well as to the Chatanooga Free Press , all from women who worked for him They alleged that Stone would frequently engage in sexual harassment, including groping, making comments about their breasts, kissing them on the lips and on their necks, asking for massages, and texting them asking for pictures.

Stone would soon admit that he had “acted inappropriately with (women), and with words and sometimes actions” telling a small group of people in leaked audio:

“I confess at times I’ve been inappropriate in all this weariness of just non-stop ministry. I let my guard down and I’ve asked, of course, God to forgive me for that. I sat down with my family, with my beautiful, precious wife Pam, the love of my life. I asked her to forgive me. And I very humbly and very sincerely ask those who have been hurt or offended by my actions to, please, also forgive me for those things.”

To the rest of his church, he and his board told a different story, saying that he took time off to be with family and work on a project of sorts, as well as for health concerns, not mentioning the allegations or his private confession.

The deception comes naturally to Stone, a radical charismatic ‘prophet’ who regularly claims to be receiving fresh words from God and apocalyptic prophesies on the daily. He oversees the Voice of Evangelism (VOE) Empire that brings in tens of millions of dollars a year, but is perhaps best known within discernment circles for checking his phone while speaking in tongues.

In response to the woman’s comments he sicced his security guards on her, shouting at her, as reported by the CFP.

“Ma’am, I’ll have you arrested, and I’ll bring a lawsuit against you for making statements like that! You’ve talked to people who told 16 lies on my wife and I! That’s who you’ve been talking to.

He then told the crowd:

“I am not a perfect man. People have taken me hugging and kissing them on the cheek wrong. I quit that. I’m Italian. My whole family holds hands, rubs backs. I didn’t know you can look at somebody and say, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ and they can take it wrong.”

12 thoughts on “Perry Stone Called ‘Nasty Perv’ During Church Service

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  2. Hey, he’s already admitted he’s Italian which gives him a pass on butt groping, unwanted kissing, and boob-ogling. Lighten up.

  3. Lord willing, this scandal hopefully will sink him permanently. I’m glad for the news article staying on the case and exposing the findings. It seemed he sailed through the accusations when they were first reported. I kept watch from afar and it became obvious from comments he made during his “sermons” that the waters were not calm and he was fighting to keep control of the ship, by means of manipulating his congregation into “blocking” the “good people” on Facebook who had left his church because they got “offended.” He’d also excessively fawn over his wife, Pam. He admitted his inappropriate behavior at first, then he began saying he “had to forgive stupid people.” Then he tried to shut it down by saying “Pam will tell you” we’re having none of this. Then he leaned on the excuse of being Italian and people misunderstanding his gestures (I suppose after his excuse of being over-worked was to blame became insufficient). I also heard Bryan Cutshall threatening those who dared to speak out with scripture, attempting to cast fear and keep silence. Not only is Stone immoral and a teacher of false doctrine, he is always extra-biblical and claims to have dreams, visions and “a word from the Lord.” One of his obvious lies is about the extreme number of hours (175,000 hours, up from 80,000 which he used to claim) of bible study he’s spent, thus exalting his supposed knowledge so as not to be questioned by inferiors. May the Lord God be exalted by Perry’s demise, if it be His sovereign will.

  4. Additionally, he accepts the titles of “Dr.” and “prophet” (he is neither) by not correcting people when they address him as such. More proof of more of his lies.

  5. I cannot speak about the accusations–I’ve heard nothing more than rumblings.
    But, I have watched him for years and while he’s not perfect, I believe this is more about the ‘last days’ uptick in the foretold mockers and scoffers than it is about Perry’s sins.
    Satan would like nothing better than to pit us against one another and many Christians have no trouble following Satan’s lead.

    And btw, it is sometimes appropriate to remove a disruptive person from the audience.

    1. It disturbs me that there is not a single woman that has come forth in any public manner against him, only through this reporter Wyatt Massey fellow who has pretty clear anti-Biblical bias (see esp. the last few paragraphs under the section “Dreams, threats and Facebook”).

      After the last few years with what has happened with Trump and Covid, I have pretty much ZERO trust in secular reporters and journalists, especially those operating with “anonymous sources” (every single actual accusation is anonymous thus far, from the public’s perspective). The audio clips were so short and detached from the context that it is hard to know what they really entail. Honestly I could see myself despairing of life if barraged with a bunch of false accusations that I couldn’t definitely disprove, so his threats to kill himself aren’t anything close to a confession (I’m not saying he definitely is being falsely accused, only that hypothetically if that were the case it is not that crazy to imagine wanting to die). God’s standard is that a matter (meaning an act of wrongdoing) be settled by the mouth of two or three witnesses, which precludes establishing something purely on the word of an alleged victim without some additional evidence such as written documents (emails, texts, letters, etc), video evidence, or another person who has first-hand knowledge of the truth of the accusation (a witness).

      I’ve never seen a case where there are so many alleged victims and not a single name of an accuser. Even more of a red flag is that the board said that some of the accusations were withdrawn, weren’t signed (anonymous), or deemed unreliable. There also don’t appear to be any civil suits brought against him or (more likely) his ministry, but you could argue that goes either way (if a woman does bring a civil suit it impinges on the sincerity of her motives if she is trying to get money, but the lack of suits could be spun as showing nobody has any credible evidence that a lawyer would be confident enough in to use to force a settlement, as civil court only requires a “preponderance of evidence” and not “beyond a reasonable doubt” like criminal cases).

      The guy they quoted from some ministry in VA that said “And if it comes down to he said, she said, who are you going to believe?” epitomizes the fallacious way of thinking that most people have. That is a blatant false dichotomy — there is a third option that is far more wise when you don’t really have that much information or when most of it is hearsay or anonymous (and filtered through a potentially hostile journalist): don’t believe either one and leave yourself in a state of suspended judgment. Most people just irrationally let their biases for or against the accused take over and believe based on that and block out any contradictory evidence. Or they think that because the evidence slightly favors one side or the other then that must be the truth.

  6. Stone has been doing his schtick for so many years, he’s almost considered ‘mainstream’ by many. HE’S NOT. Perry Stone has repeatedly proven to be either an out-and-out liar or false prophet guided by unclean spirits – either way he’s bad ju ju and should be avoided like the plague by any Biblically discerning and intelligent Christ follower. The allegations he’s also been a creepy horn-dog is hardly surprising.

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