Leaked Audio: Perry Stone Threatens to Kill Himself after Sex Abuse Allegations+ Head of Security Calls him ‘Predatory’

Two years ago multi-millionaire televangelist Perry Stone was exposed. The radical charismatic ‘prophet’ who regularly claims to be receiving fresh words from God and apocalyptic prophesies on the daily, but is perhaps best known within discernment circles for checking his phone while speaking in tongues, had his life torn open after 11 letters were sent to the board of directors of his Voice of Evangelism ministry from women who worked for him. They alleged that Stone would frequently engage in sexual harassment, including groping, making comments about their breasts, kissing them on the lips and on their necks, asking for massages, and texting them asking for pictures.

Stone would soon admit to a small group of people that he had “acted inappropriately with (women), and with words and sometimes actions. To the rest of his church, he and his board told a different story, saying that he took time off to be with family and work on a project of sorts, as well as for health concerns, not mentioning the allegations or his private confession.

Now, he is under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, at the request of attorney General Steven Crump. They have not revealed the exact nature of their queries, but it is believed to do with the women he assaulted and harassed.

In the same vein, the Chattanooga Free Press has obtained leaked audio from two members high up in Stone’s organization right as he was being exposed and before his confession. One is Stone’s head of security- a Bradley County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant and the other a Ministry leader. CFP reports:

The law enforcement officer described Stone as exhibiting “a predatory lifestyle.” The ministry leader said Stone had a “severe problem, probably a mental illness” and was living in a “false reality” about the situation, according to the recordings.

Yet, nearly two years later, both men remain active in Stone’s ministry and have played integral roles in defending Stone — one comparing the misconduct allegations against Stone to Jesus at the crucifixion and the other by physically removing a Stone critic from ministry property.

Though Store would later admit that he did at least in part what he’s been accused of (and then seek to purge his confession and walk it back) In a private meeting with the two leaders, Stone denied all contact and threatened to kill himself and shut down his ministry on account of the exposure:

“You know what? I’m going to go commit suicide up in the mountains and end this thing. Because I’m not going to-Look, listen to me. Before God, I’m going to go take pills in the mountain…because I can’t put up with this. I am a very sincere person but I have almost no friends, man. And I have almost no friends because of shit like this.”

Ministry Leader: “you’ve got two friends…”

“I know, I do but I’m just saying. Shit like this. I can’t shake a woman’s hand, ‘Oh, he’s coming on to me.’ Pat them on the back, ‘Oh, he’s coming on to me.'”…and look, I’ll take my life before I let the ministry go down. I swear to God I’ll take my life.”

Ministry Leader: “We’re here, I’m here.”

“No no no this is going to get bigger. If he’s got letters, it means they’re talking. If they’re talking, it means the ministry is ruined. I”m going to shut OCI down (Omega Church International (OCI) is the gathering place for the church of Perry Stone Ministries) and sell the building. No. I need to. I need to shut OCI down, sell the building, forget everything I’m doing, because I am not.

And if Pam Stone know this, (his wife) Pam Stone would leave me. Oh She’ll find out. And by accusations I’ll be destroyed. So what do I have to live for? What do I have to live for? I’m ruined. “

7 thoughts on “Leaked Audio: Perry Stone Threatens to Kill Himself after Sex Abuse Allegations+ Head of Security Calls him ‘Predatory’

  1. What is the matter with people? How could anyone with more than a 3rd grade education follow this idiot or believe anything he says?? I knew he was a show-biz shyster the first time I ever saw him many years ago. Same goes for Ravi Zacharias and 99% of the rest of these bloviating nuts. I’m just amazed at how stupid and gullible people can be. This is an excellent example of why God tells women (who make up most of his following) to sit down and shut up. Sadly, there are very few Christian men anymore so this is the kind of stuff we end up with.

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  2. Whether Stone is guilty of the accusations or not, it drives me absolutely crazy that:

    1) So much of the “news” today is just a bunch of “anonymous sources” (have an ounce of courage and say things publicly if you really believe them and entrust your life to God for whatever might come). The only person who has made anything close to a direct, non-anonymous accusation is Mr. Roger Keith who said “the couple thought Stone’s behavior around women in the ministry was inappropriate but they did not see anything that was criminal.” which is pretty vague and doesn’t really go much beyond the claim about growing up in an Italian family and doing things that are considered inappropriate to Americans.
    2) When a journalist claims they have “hours” of footage but only releases clips of a few seconds long detached from the context that are all clearly biased towards the guilt of the accused. The article claims to also have tons of documents and testimony from accusers but published none of the raw data to let people make their own judgments about it or do secondary investigations into it.
    3) So much information that Christians get about other Christian’s wrongdoing is filtered through secular journalists who are some of the most sleazy and manipulative people I have ever encountered in my life, and who would not hesitate to believe false accusations if it brought harm to the church (Mr. Massey, the author of the article, is a member of this group called Report for America, an initiative of the GroundTruth project — look that up and who funds it and you will pretty much find out all you need to know about his hatred for the light of God). I’ve reached the point now where I pretty much just assume a secular journalist is lying or making stuff up unless they actually have hard evidence that they can present to support what they are saying.
    4) That Mr. Stone’s “restoration plan…included professional counseling, medical care, …”. Why are Christians so enamored by “professional counseling”? Especially those that claim to be Charismatics who claim to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is such a pathetic joke to the world who relished in having Christians go to their psychological therapies instead of to the power of God. Also what kind of “medical care” do you need for sexual lust? Do they inject you with estrogen or something? If he is 60+ years old and has some issue with excess testosterone that is quite impressive as most men are in significant decline by that point. Regardless, the Holy Spirit is powerful to give us self-control if we yield to Him.

    I don’t really care much about whether Mr. Stone is guilty or innocent of the accusations, I just really despise modern journalism and this story reminds me of all the reasons I do.

    1. Ben, I’ve worked as a secular journalist (including investigative reporting) and later in my career as my faith became prominent, as both an employee and freelancer for some of the biggest ministries in the country. I have literally seen and heard it all. Everything you said is spot on. Wherever human beings are involved, there is going to be disappointment. I would say that goes double for ministries, as the expectations from followers are so high and the temptations for leaders–who are often revered to the point of self-destruction–are exponential. I never worked for Stone. I’m not making excuses for him. But it is incumbent on all of us to consider the source and motive of every accusation, as you have alluded to in your post. Unless we have first hand knowledge of a situation, it’s best to put down the rocks and wait. I speak from the experience of watching these situations play out over and over again.

    2. I agree, but would note that some, particularly women, may read the last sentence to mean that you don’t care whether or not there was harassment, rather than that you are impartial and withholding judgement as to whether or not Stone is guilty or innocent.

      Recent posts under the name Ben have come from me. In order to avoid confusion I’ll use a different name.

      Also thank you for the information on the GroundTruth project.

  3. Looks like a wolf, acts like a wolf, smells like a wolf… probably is a wolf. So many of them around in the church abusing the flock yet still ” oh dont throw stones”. Come on. Jesus warned us about hypocritical judgement. So if you’re not a sexual predator preying on the vulnerable in the church – SAY SOMETHING. If you’re not a false prophet teaching heresy to the congregation – SAY SOMETHING. ugh.

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