Texas Pro-Life Group Attacks Candidate Trying To Abolish Abortion Completely

Texas Right To Life is a “pro-life” group that has consistently and aggressively opposed any effort to completely abolish abortion in the state. Instead, they’ve raised millions of dollars by championing silly and trivial regulations designed to restrict when, how, and where abortions are done, but repudiating abolishing it altogether.

It’s no wonder then that they released an op-ed attacking Republican candidate David Lowe, who is running a campaign to unseat Stephanie Klick in District 91 in the House of Representatives. They’re claiming he’s been bragging that he’ll “vote no to any pro-life bill” and therefore is seeking to dismantle all their hard work.

This is not because he is a pro-choice progressive or a RINO, as they are grossly implying and mischaracterizing, but because he wants to do more than just regulate abortion. He wants to abolish it altogether, as soon as possible, and views pro-life regulations as cowardly half-measures that betray a fundamental reticence to completely end it. Lowe wants it ended tomorrow, Roe v Wade be damned, and has no love for bills that fail to do that very thing.

This perspective is intolerable to the mainstream pro-life position, and hence the claws have come out from the powerful lobbying group.

For example, Texas Right to Life points out that Klick, a pro-life hero of theirs, “passed the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, a law that prohibits the barbaric and inhumane abortion method which ends the lives of preborn children by removing their limbs while their hearts are still beating.”

That sounds good, but this lauded piece of legislation is emblematic of the problem. Kristine Harehoef, responding to the article, explains:

I wouldn’t be bragging about Klick passing the Dismemberment Ban if I were you.

Passing a ban that says Texas women may not dismember their babies alive, but rather they should dismember them AFTER they’re murdered in accordance with the law… is embarrassing legislation that does nothing to save babies.

Another line in your article says that Klick fought to protect “mothers from abortion.”

Yet is it not the mothers who are making the appointment, walking in freely on their own two feet, signing the informed consent paperwork, paying their hundreds or thousands, climbing up on the table, positioning their body so as to assist with the abortion, and swallowing the pills?

The mothers don’t need protecting. They’re not the ones being vacuumed, force-birthed into a toilet, poisoned, or dismembered — dead or alive. The babies — and only the babies — are the victims needing protection in the typical, everyday, Texas abortion scenario.

It is time to end all pro-life regulation bills that treat abortion as “health care” — telling us as Texas women how, when, and where we may kill our babies, who we may hire to help, and what age our baby-victims should be at the time of the assault.

Free the States, who have endorsed Lowe over Klick, point out that far from being a champion of abolishing abortion, she has frustrated them at every turn and has served as a one-woman wrecking ball to keep these bills from gaining any traction.

[David] Lowe has pledged to Free the States and Abolish Abortion Texas that he will support the immediate abolition of abortion and reject the incrementalism of the Pro-Life Establishment.

Klick, as chair of the Texas House Public Health Committee, refused to even give the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Through Equal Protection Act a hearing in the 2021 session. She is the reason babies are still murdered in Texas.

They’re not wrong. Abolish Abortion Texas explains:

“As committee chair, Klick refused to even give our bill a hearing. Stephanie Klick killed HB 3326, the only bill in Texas which would have abolished abortion immediately and given every single preborn baby the same protections of the law that you and I enjoy….Not only that, but on just the third day of the 2021 regular session, Klick even voted AGAINST requiring a vote to abolish abortion before renaming roads or bridges (House Record Vote No. 23).”

Make no mistake; Texas Right to Life has no interest in abolishing abortion completely. If they can nickel and dime the pro-choice movement for another 40 years, carving out tiny and irritating restrictions here and there, all the while shutting down every and all effort to completely abolish abortion in the state, they’re more than happy to do that and will fight anyone who wants otherwise.

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