Televangelist Perry Stone Goes Full-on ‘Touch not my Anointed’over Sexual Misconduct Criticism.

Televangelist Perry Stone has gone on a full-court press against his critics, blasting the media who have been covering allegations of sexual misconduct and claiming those speaking against him are ‘hindering spirits’ being driven by the devil.

It’s a bizarre tactic, considering he has already admitted on leaked audio that he has acted inappropriately with women, despite later covering it up and denying it ever happened.

Over the last few days, after woman shouted out that he was a ‘Nasty Perv’ who wouldn’t stop sleeping with his employees, Stone has been defending himself on Facebook, writing a series of status updates claiming divine backing for his claims, raking discernment ministries under the coals, claiming that God spoke to him in dreams, and then claiming that some ‘Arabs’ translated a message from the Holy Spirit, where God warned him about the troublemakers trying to hurt his ministry by pointing out he won’t stop mackin’ on the ladies.

Stone also released a 17-minute video titled ‘The Truth Behind Today’s Media‘ where he repeatedly claimed that media sources like the Chattanooga Press, or ministries like Protestia were is sensationalizing and lying about him in order to make more money for ad revenue.

Editor’s Note. Those Facebook pics are longer than what we posted. Check out the originals for the rest of his nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Televangelist Perry Stone Goes Full-on ‘Touch not my Anointed’over Sexual Misconduct Criticism.

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  1. I’m so thankful for the brave, bold woman who spoke up publicly and rekindled the fire of “inappropriate behavior” that appeared to have dwindled to sparks. Now Perry’s attempting to extinguish the flames by spewing forth many words – akin to spitting on a blaze, expecting the fire to disintegrate into ashes. Thus, he has spoken another lie because he’d previously said he was not going to address the issue further, it was up to God. I suppose the heat got too intense and now he’s doing what he does best – TALK. And talk and talk. And threaten. It makes me wonder how his story would change if he had to place his hand on a Bible in a courtroom and swear to tell the truth. Also, his holy spirit is not an omniscient one because “from what they could understand” indicates his holy spirit isn’t fluent in Arabic. And his holy spirit only knows that “something,” “some type of coming conflict or war” is “coming in the future,” confused about what or when. Just more empty talk. Perry is never the subject of his own “warning dreams,” advising him to tell the truth. May the Lord God be pleased for the sake of Perry’s many followers for the truth to be fully exposed, if it be His divine will. Perhaps some may then understand how they’ve been fooled by a clever deceiver.

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