tEh ScIenCe: Trans Man (Ie. A Woman) Freaks Out After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery “I’m a Man!”

Not the man in question, but you get it

(Christian Post) A trans-identified biological female alleges that a hospital in New York discriminated by requiring a pregnancy test even though the patient identifies as a male and says the nurses did not use preferred pronouns.

Trey Lowery, who identifies as a male and underwent bariatric sleeve surgery at Highland Hospital in Rochester in July, is threatening to file a lawsuit after experiencing “discrimination” at the healthcare facility.

Lowery expressed outrage after being asked to take a pregnancy test. As an affiliate of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Highland Hospital requires all biological females with female reproductive organs to undergo pregnancy testing before any surgery involving anesthesia regardless of whether they identify as female.

Speaking with the local ABC affiliate WHAM, Lowery recalled that a nurse asked for a pregnancy test to be taken before surgery.

“I told her why am I taking a pregnancy test when you guys know that I am a male and I’m fully trans?” Lowery said, adding that the nurse responded…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Ryan Foley and published at the Christian Post

4 thoughts on “tEh ScIenCe: Trans Man (Ie. A Woman) Freaks Out After Hospital Requires Pregnancy Test Before Surgery “I’m a Man!”

  1. The celebration of mental illness and deviancy in our rapidly-devolving society is beyond repugnant. God will not withhold judgement on our sick nation.

  2. I have known for over 10 yrs that we are the last generation. I guess I never really took my “thoughts” to a deeper level of realizing what the ramifications of that looked like! God is divinely judging this world.
    We have a nation that began the descent into insanity
    back in the 60s with the sexual revolution and feminism. God has been removed from just about everything. Families are broken, homosexuality marriage made legal by the 44th potus. Remember the lights on out WH? Now the spiritual sickness is to the point that people actually think that they were born the wrong sex. Lets not forget about the horrific normaIization of murdering babies to the tune of over 63 million and counting. 40% of death recorded last yr was abortion! We have a corrupt government that punishes the righteous and protects the corrupt criminals. Our reprobate nation is done!
    The past election and our current wicked potus should convince anyone with spiritual eyes that evil is not even hiding anymore! God is judging! xiden is a part of our judgement! Money ,power , and a plethora of idolatries are sought by most. None seeks after God!
    The love of money is the root of all kind of evil. Right is wrong. Bitter is sweet. The moral compass of this nation is almost none existent; moral relativism.. We have a church where most are
    either 2Tim 4:3-4.!
    NAR( signs and wonders), works righteousness(gal 1:8), or word of faith and prosperity(2Tim 4:3-4) ! It is all perversion and cancer to the church and gospel of Christ . It is the norm and not the exception..
    Hearts have waxed cold. People are selfish and out for gain. 2Tim 3.
    God is judging this nation and the entire world. Romans 1:18-32 .Get your spiritual house in order!! Repent ( Acts 17:30), and trust in Christ ( Romans 10:9-10) who atoned for your sins that separate you from the Father! John 3:16-36)
    We are the last generation as it is written in scripture. WE are in the last hr of the last days .
    Signs of the End of the Age
Matthew 24:5For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed.

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