Video! Kenneth Copeland Sends Man in Wheelchair Crashing Backwards

Kenneth Copeland apparently doesn’t know his own strength; an act demonstrated by the 84-year-old at a recent church service that saw a wheelchair-bound man crashing back to the floor and then flailing like an inverted turtle, the result of Copeland filling him up with the Holy Spirit. Maybe? [Editor’s note: No.]

The wild incident happened at the 2021 Southwest Believers’ Convention that took place August 1-6 in Houston, Texas. Copeland, flanked by his posse of money-grubbing septuagenarians like Jesse Duplantis, Bill Winston, Jesse Savelle, and Creflo Dollar (the latter which happens to be the youngest of the bunch at a spry 59) gave a bible-twisted message on Proverbs 4:20-22.

After the message, Copeland walked through the crowd and laid hands on a few people, declaring them healed, delivered, and urging them to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through them. He leerily approached one visibly shaking man in a wheelchair, laying hands on him and telling him:

Praise Jesus. Praise God. Yeah, that’s him going through you right now. Yes it is. Yes it is. Glory to God you’re not bound to this chair. The day will come you’ll walk out of it in the name of Jesus.

One small touch from Copeland promptly sent him flying backward and crashing to the ground, a look of horror and “that wasn’t supposed to happen” plastered across Copeland’s face, resulting in him getting stuck in a boot loop of “thank you Lord” over and over again. Leaving his side, he swiftly moved on to the next person, telling the ushers to help the wheelchair-bound man up and reassuring the crowd who caught it on the big screen “He’s not hurt! He’s not hurt!”

There is no word whether the man was further injured, but we can confirm that if you go to Copeland, the archiest arch-heretic of them all for spiritual edification and healing, you will cause injury to your soul…

Bonus: Copeland cut a minute-long promo of him dressed up as an Old West cowboy [Make that Texas Ranger. -Ed.] for a promo for this very conference.


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8 thoughts on “Video! Kenneth Copeland Sends Man in Wheelchair Crashing Backwards

  1. After Copland knocks the guy over he said the man wasn’t hurt because “the power of god was all over him” so why didn’t he walk?
    Because Coplands god is no god at all!

  2. Copeland is right out of central casting for the ‘demonic preacher’ character of every B horror flick ever made. Scary!

  3. Not one mention in scripture of people falling backward under the power of the Holy Spirit! Copeland is a tool of satan. I agree with Justin Peters. This wolve is demon possessed ! My heart breaks for that poor man in the wheelchair caught up in this deception..

  4. Copeland typically does this in the hope that the wheelchair persons wallet and pocket change fall on the floor. Copelands catchers then can scoop it up and place it in the Colonel Sanders chicken offering buckets.

  5. This makes me so sick, angry, and sad. Both the evil charlatan Copeland dishonoring this man and you referring to him as looking like an “inverted turtle”. Is there no kindness, empathy, or decency even among the brethren? It’s difficult to see this as a Christian site when you can’t even display compassion for an abused/used wheelchair-bound man in your speech. In addition to the extreme disappointment and possible feelings of betrayal, he just had his helplessness and trust thrown back in his face in a very public way….and you’re making cruel observations. Nice/s.

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