Kenneth Copeland Mixes His Own ‘Blood’ With Jesus’ and Drinks It During Communion?

When arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland is not giving false prophecies about COVID being destroyedthrowing someone in a wheelchair to the floor, casting away bald spots in Jesus name, or even running his own bizzaro Bible college, the world’s richest prosperity preacher in America can be frequently found making up stuff about Jesus and justifying his personal theological idiosyncrasies in order to increase his net worth, this time with a viral video going around showing him drinking his own blood in some bizarre communion rite.

While there is a sense in which Copeland, who is surely demon-possessed, routinely feasts on the body and blood of the saints while engaging in grotesque inner monologues that we’re better never hearing, he did NOT drink his blood in this instance, as some have claimed or suggested.

Speaking at the 2020 Southwest Believers Convention, Copeland riffs about different biblical covenants so that people can think back to this moment the next time they take communion and aren’t left wondering at its meaning. First, he illustrates the “covenant of salt” between believers by mixing two bags of salt, then gives a gruesome illustration to demonstrate the “covenant of blood.” 

Copeland pretends to cut his hand, and KCVC professor Greg Stephens pretends to cut his own, and they “drip” their “blood” in the communion cup, joining the two, before Copeland drinks it. 

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2 thoughts on “Kenneth Copeland Mixes His Own ‘Blood’ With Jesus’ and Drinks It During Communion?

  1. Oh, good grief. Just when you think this narcissistic religious con artist couldn’t do or say something more idiotic, he always does.

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