TGC Author Likens Bill To Remove CRT from Schools to ‘Jim Crow Attitudes and Laws’

The Gospel Coalition author and pastor Thabiti Anyabwile joined fellow race-baiter Dwight McKissic to condemn a recent Texas Senate Bill designed to remove Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the classroom as an “insane” and “gutwrenching” tip-toeing back to the racist “Jim Crow attitudes and laws” of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Note. As a brief refresher to familiarize yourself with Anyabwile, the pastor has used his social media platforms to refer to his leftist positions as “pro-life” issues and yet endorses pro-choice candidates like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden while claiming that all white evangelicals are guilty of racism. He has claimed that resisting reparations is ‘the echo of Cain’s voice’. and that white folk who reject systematic racism and reparations can’t read their bibles right.’ Anyabwile’s real name is “Ron Burns” but he chose the name “Thabiti Anyabwile” to identify with the “Black Nationalist Movement,” a move he made prior to converting from Christianity to Islam. Afterward, Anyabwile claimed to have been reconverted to Christianity but chose to keep his Black Nationalist name, which should tell everyone something about him.

Thabiti is referring to the terrible fact that several states in the mid-21st century enacted “separate but equal” laws designed to segregate races, with the idea that black folk would be given equal protection under the constitution and would be treated the same as white folk, but would have separate bathrooms, water fountains, busses, entrances, etc. These racist laws are evil in every way imaginable, and yet he’s saying that the same heart and motivation that came up with them, likewise is behind the banning of CRT from schools.

Of course, this is nothing but alarmist fodder and a dishonest reading. Texas SB3 does nothing of the sort and has absolutely nothing in common with Jim Crowisms. According to the article being quoted by Anyabwile, the bill would “remove more than two dozen teaching requirements from a new law that bars the teaching of critical race theory, an academic framework exploring racism’s shaping of the country”…and…”the measure also would bar the teaching of the 1619 Project— a New York Times initiative exploring U.S. history starting at the date enslaved people arrived in the English colonies.”

In a statement after the vote, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R), said that “Parents want their students to learn how to think critically, not be indoctrinated by the ridiculous leftist narrative that America and our Constitution are rooted in racism.”

Teacher and historian Brian Franklin explains more on Twitter:

“Many folks are claiming TX Republicans are “removing” teaching requirements about the civil rights movement & its leaders from TX curriculum standards w/ #SB3. This is not true. But it contains just enough truth to make for powerful political fodder.

True: the version of the #SB3 bill that the TX Senate just passed (w/o Democrat support) did in fact remove a *bunch* of specific people & events from the bill, including stuff on civil rights, women’s suffrage, slavery, labor, & more.

Also true: the current version of the bill also removed mentions of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, the American GI Forum, the 19th Amendment, and *much more.* Why remove all of this? Well, I find myself reluctantly agreeing with Sen. Hughes’ explanation.

B/c specific requirements aren’t typically dealt with by statute, but in the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills standards (TEKS), developed by the State Board of Education.

And what civil rights history do we find in the TEKS? *A lot.* High school US history should teach a multiethnic array of civil rights organizations; King, Chavez, Parks, Garcia, Friedan; the Black Panthers; Letter from a Birmingham Jail; the VRA; more.

They’re not removing teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. or suffrage, but rather ensuring it only being taught in its rightful class, context, and without the specter of CRT wanting to strangle and hijack the narrative.

Apart from all that nonsense, these hysterics by Anyabwile and McKissic reveal a disturbing new tactic to deal with dissent. For certain professing Christians of a more progressive stature, apparently yelling “Jim Crow!” has become the new “RacistBigotHomophobe!” invective and accusation to paint the other side red with.

The Georgia voting bill that actually expands voting rights rather than constricts them, and has been lied about and trashed by dishonest democrats? Jim Crow! Refusing to go along with reparations as a means of social justice and reconciliation? Jim Crow! Resisting CRT being taught in our schools and churches? Jim Crow!

They may not always call you an outright racist, but seemingly they have a shiny new socially acceptable accusation to make the same connection.


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5 thoughts on “TGC Author Likens Bill To Remove CRT from Schools to ‘Jim Crow Attitudes and Laws’

  1. Protestia is a Jim Crow website

    It spreads misinformation and has anti-Semite commentators

    1. Johnny, you and I both know you have absolutely no idea what “Jim Crow” is. And no, it’s not what you’re drinking.
      insert tiny flags clip art here for no particular reason

  2. Sad to see these two men are still bold face lying to spread their misinformation. Both of these men aren’t even hiding who they are any more. It is unfortunate both were able to masquerade within the church for so long, and in many places are still being accepted as brothers.

  3. Goes to show you how deceived RC Sproul was by having “Mr. Burns” speak at several of his conferences before RC died. I’m sure he’d be heartbroken now since Burns was a wolf the whole time just like his old friends, Lig Duncan and Al Mohler. It’s amazing how long people can fool you.

    Last I checked, Jim Crow was a Democrat Party initiative back in the 1800s, was it not something that they continued to fight for up until the 60s when quite a few of them, compared with Republicans who were a distinct minority in Congress, still wanted to keep the Jim Crow laws. But that’s never mentioned, not even in the above article.

    If you would like to know the origins of CERT, at least from around 100 years ago, and how it’s progressed its way through American institutions since then, especially in higher education, check out the 28 Dash minute video at the link below as you’ll be astounded Coen

  4. The fact that he seems to enjoy dumping on conservative evangelicals really goes to show that he doesn’t even think of them as brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Schools have been teaching about the “civil rights” portion of American history for decades so to say that that opposition to CRT is insane and heart wrenching is motivated by a spirit of deceit.

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