TGC’s Thabiti Anyabwile: ‘White Folk Who Reject Systematic Racism and Reparations Can’t Read Their Bibles Right’

Race-baiting pastor Thabiti Anyabwile (His real name is Ron Burns but he chose the name Thabiti Anyabwile to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement, a move he made prior to converting from Christianity to Islam. Afterward, Anyabwile claimed to have been reconverted to Christianity but chose to keep his Black Nationalist name) has been featured many times over the years at Protesia and Pulpit and Pen.

As things go, his recent comments on the Verge Network continue to show his rapid devolution and toxic time-lapse. He’s gone from a respected reformed pastor to a green-haired white girl shouting at diners trying to enjoy a meal that they’re all racists, pointing to the Black Lives Matter message scrawled across her belly with a sharpie marker and telling them to get with the program and Venmo a donation to the 1619 project. That’s…pretty much what Anyabwile Burns has turned into.

There is so much awfulness to take away from his conversation with Soong Chan Rah about racism and American exceptionalism. How else can we understand his comments on “whiteness” and “pristineness” and “inability to read the prophets because skin color is apparently a prerequisite to understanding biblical hermeneutics” found in the philippic tirade below? Burns says:

“For as much as it chafes some people, even the language of white supremacy, or the language of racism, and alleging racism. When you see some of the strident pushback, and this inability even to acknowledge that the extermination of the native people, was what it was, it was a genocide, you realize there’s a kind of, there’s a root of pride there that is resistant to repentance, is resistant to culpability, is resistant to any form of redress, or reparation. This stronghold of sort of whiteness and white identity and pristineness is really part of what keeps us from making progress on this, because if a Christian in particular, it should not be any threat to admit wrong. We have a Savior that atoned for it. We have a cross that carries it away. We have a resurrection that brings justification and righteousness, but it requires repentance. Right?

And the other thing you get is this refusal to sort of acknowledge any sort of group-level systematic kind of sin and injustice, right? It’s all boiled down to this individualism, this American individualism that goes along with that triumphalism and those stories, and as long as people are resistant to that, it’s going to mean a number of things. It’s going to mean our progress will be slow. It will be hard-fought and slow. But it also means that those Christians are going to be unable to read their bibles- significant portions of their bibles, particularly the prophets, who speak to Israel, and speak to power, and call them to repent of those same kinds of systematic injustices, and systematic sins, and call them to smash the idols of pride, of national and nationalistic pride that god disdains. I mean it’s the same kind of sin we see in this country- that triumphalism, that exceptionalism. It’s the same kind of sin that the prophets railed against, but there’s blindness over the eyes of Israel, there’s blindness over the eyes of Americans when it comes to repenting of that.

In Burn’s view, you are guilty of the sins of your father, and your father’s father, and you’re neighbors great grandfather, father, and the sins of some rando’ s great, great, great, great grandfather that you never met before. And not only are you guilty, but you’d better pay up and redress those wrongs with the sweet lucre of reparations.

As to the other stuff, one commenter @genevageneral said it best:

The prophets condemned ‘national pride’ because the idea among the people was ‘God won’t judge us, we’re His ethnic people.’ They thought their ethnicity exempted them from specific judgments, which, ironically, is how many in the Woke Battalion operate.


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10 thoughts on “TGC’s Thabiti Anyabwile: ‘White Folk Who Reject Systematic Racism and Reparations Can’t Read Their Bibles Right’

  1. Simply a racist with a leftist worldview who ignorantly (ab)uses Scripture in order to advance his nonbiblical opinions.

  2. Didn’t someone once say,” you will know them by their fruit?” He’s just another hustler are getting his hustle on, sort of like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They thrive by fleecing weak-minded people by using pretend guilt. In fact, they’ve made an industry out of it, which is quite lucrative. I guess most folks don’t realize how demeaning it actually is.

  3. My parents told me if I can’t say something nice about someone, then it’s best to keep my mouth shut. So, I’m keeping my mouth shut on Ron Burns.

  4. This whole tread is sad to me. Anyabwile loves Jesus. We still live in a country that is incredibly racist. If you don’t believe me look at Angola Prison in Louisiana. A former confederate general moved the prison onto a plantation. He housed himself in the plantation home and placed the near 100% black prison population in the old slave quarters and then leased the slaves out for hire where many died. Today Angola is still on the grounds of the old slave plantation, is still majority black and still makes inmates work for 4 cents an hour. The prison has been found guilty numerous times of civil rights violations. There is no major outcry from our society that this needs to change. There are many other examples of racism in America. There are still living survivors of the Tulsa Massacre where a wealthy black neighborhood was destroyed by angry whites. Is no one guilty for these actions? Are we not guilty because of ongoing racism today that is not fixed?

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